Moeller Crusader Wrestling Club - Joey Ward


Hi all, Joey Ward here, and want to announce some added workouts for our club starting up November 3rd.

This will be in association with the other club working out at Moeller but with some key differences. First of all I will be in attendance, along with some other senior level USA athletes periodically coming in and out.

Our main focus for technique is very advanced during our Tuesday and Friday sessions and are limited to high level athletes only.

Sundays will be open to all skill levels as it will be used as a short intense drill day and mainly live, which I believe was key in my career growing up and trying to get to the next level.

I have been talking to some high level programs around the state that will hopefully travel to dual against us during the high school season before some high school duals which would be a great experience for anyone.

More information will come soon, thank you and I’m glad to be back in Cincinnati.



After seeing the results and being at the Super 32 this weekend, I’ve seen the need for all of the help the kids wrestling currently need. I believe it was one of the worst performances for Ohio that I’ve seen but with the right room can be fixed by post season if we start now. The amount of critical errors I saw this weekend brought up some key things that I will be adding into the schedule come start of club.