Milesplit - Verified Lists vs. Regular?

Anyone know the difference between the D1 (or D2/3 for that matter) "verified" indoor lists vs. the regular D1 indoor lists that I've been looking at all winter?

In the 1600 for example, Gianni Allwien's 4:21 from Mt St. Joseph in mid January doesn't appear on the verified list/rankings, but it has been on the regular list all along.

Help? And for the state meet... I'm assuming the verified list is the definitive list?

Thanks to anyone who can clarify.
I believe the "verified" list includes only teams that submitted verification forms to participate in the indoor state meet. So I assume that verified list is what will establish the "top 40" that can declare to compete at state.

At a very quick look, I think I see a few names that should be on the list that are missing. Hopefully that gets fixed before the official list is released Wednesday.
I received an email from someone at OATCCC and they said milesplit was probably still updating everything. I know our team was originally not listed in the verified rankings but now are. I'm sure they'll get it all right by tomorrow.
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