Max Preps


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With Max Preps being used for almost every sport now for OHSAA, I foresee Soccer switching to it this fall in terms of rankings/seeding.

How on earth will it factor in draws? Some would say a 0-10 team drawing a 10-0 team would be good for the winless team but bad for the undefeated team.
In other sports aren't they only being used for the seeding but the coaches still pick their spots in the brackets?
MaxPreps can be manipulated. No bueno
Completely agree. If the MaxPreps figures are the sole seeding component, it's going to be messy. Without some changes, it will have the likely domino effect of creating some lopsided seedings first, followed by teams watering down their SOS to have better records...none of which is good for the game. No bueno, indeed.