Luke Pohlman?


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Does anyone know what happened to Luke Pohlman? is he running in college or is he hurt? Great 1600/800 meter runner he was.


He ran a 15:09.44 last weekend at N.B. Nationals or whatever it is called now.
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I'm friends with a guy who runs a large aluminum (machinery) foundry in Luke's hometown of Russia where he had a summer job. Word was that he didn't want to go to school and was just going to work in the foundry. I think he was talked out of that and was going to a least give UC a chance. I'm curious myself and sure hope he is still taking advantage of his college opportunity, especially if it was paid for. He can work in a foundry the rest of his life if he doesn't get his degree I guess.


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I'm friends with a runner on UC's roster. Pohlman is on the roster, but not really on the team. He wasn't interested in running XC, but then told coach he would run track. However, he hasn't been at any of the practices, so I doubt he will be racing this Spring.