Look out for Akron Firestone Boys Track


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Firestone boys track and feild team can easily take city this year they have seniors Dione Collins and Cameron Fairley in the 100 and Dione running 11.0 and 23.2 and Cameron running 10.87 and 23.02 they also have a solid 4x1. Also they have Christian Morgan running 53.3 in the 400 might not take first but will score points. And as always there distance team is sold they have Claude Christiansan Dehil running the 2 mile and will easily take first. alittle rough in the feild events but its early in the season and they will manage come city


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Those are nice times for three events, but you need to have more than just speed to win it all. How are the hurdlers? Do you have any field events? If you can double up there, then you have a good chance. Even a 3rd and 5th will get you some decent points for the meet. I was hoping to see an invitation this weekend, but I want to see everyone when it is warm outside not this 47 and raining crap. Have to love Ohio weather LOL. It was better in March then April so far.

Good Luck on your run towards the top. The city looks pretty weak this year.