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Any word on job openings around the area? I just saw this one on the OHSAA website......this will be a highly sought after position I would think.



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I know that Jim resigned from Centerville to spend more time with his family. Does anyone know why Andy Schur stepped down from Mason?

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Not Ohio, but I know this forum covers some of NKY too. Ryle girls job is open.

EDIT: Dayton HS in NKY is also looking for a head coach.
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Ryle filled - Kyle Kosco

Dayton HS - open
Beechwood HS - open

These are for Northern Kentucky.
Quick search of Kyle Kosco led me to alot of soccer job articles.

2017: Princeton HS:

2021 Scott HS:

2022 Thomas More: *Says he was a 1st year coach there.

This also said he was at Grant County HS, and multiple soccer clubs in a small time frame? Cincy Elite FC, Warren County, Kings, isn't he with Cup?
In 2021 he was also with Alliance?
Now with Ryle... He seems like a young coach, but this is a lot of different jobs in a matter of 5-6 years, with a lot of 1 year stops. Interesting..
Wish Ryle Soccer luck! It is a sleeping giant program, but hope they get some long term stability from a staff.
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