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Went from zero to 16 a day almost overnight a few years ago. This spring started weaning myself off of some of them, with the doc's permission. Now down to 6 a day, plus another pill 3x a week.

On the plus side, all the cute pharma techs at Walgreen know me by sight and pat my hand whenever I pick up a new batch. You'd think I was old enough to be their grandfather.
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Just my adderall, it’s pretty awesome, but I’m 34. I thought older was anyone over 25.
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Over 55 and taking 1 med, acid reducer for esophagus issues, plus three vitamins primarily to counter act the effects of the daily use of an acid blocker. I am getting ready to get on to Celebrex though, after a couple rounds of golf in the early season my elbow & shoulder tendons are very sore; when I take this stuff the pain is reduced by quite a bit. My primary Dr. is worried though that this drug is not a good combo for my GI issues. Anyone else use Celebrex for tendinitis or arthritis and what are your thoughts?

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1 cal mag zinc D3 will add more D now for winter
2 turmeric/ curcumin with black pepper
1 fish oil
1 co q10
1 C
not a pill but 1 scoop tangy tangerine

After many years of multivitamins and other combinations this seems to work for me for the last several years I do add others if I get a injury or sick...

Had some prescription antibiotics a few times and Tylenol 3 for appendix and hernia surgeries when I was younger ...maybe I'm just lucky so far ( 55 ) I still have the same size waist as in high school and still run around the block when it's nice.