Federal League Picks Week 7


Building Tradition
Real lines for tonights games...Jackson 11-9 over GlenOak. McKinley. 18-16 over Lake Hoban 18-16 over Walsh Massillon 29-27 over St Johns


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Not sure how odd this is, but all the home teams won this week. Five perfect predictions this week. They are; doubtme, HookEm, Stuthersfan, Spencer and this weeks winner on the tiebreaker is…….none other than…….
NEOsportsfan09, who guessed 39 total points in the East Canton - Strasburg game, when the actual points were 19.
congratulations NEOsportsfan09, you win dinner for two at the Bali Hai, known for its Polynesian cuisine, steaks and seafood. It’s now a used car lot.