Comic Con 2022/Random TV/Movie news.


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Could be a delay in Ant-Man 3 and some serious re-shoots. Bill Murray may need to either be written out or re-cast. Stay tuned...

Haven't heard anything like that yet, or even suggested. I don't think he's in it more than a couple scenes, all on a green screen, so if they go that route it wouldn't be difficult.

That said, everything that has come out on Murray just shows that he's a D-bag (which you could kind of tell already), nothing illegal unless I'm missing something.


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I know this isn't the biggest musical theater crowd but the current revival of 1776 has been fairly big news on Broadway. So trying to ride on the coattails of Hamilton they have reimagined a fairly dopey musical , 1776, into not only a racially diverse cast on the founding of the country but also one that only features women and non-binary or trans performers.

This thing is bombing primarily because it is just bad and they are putting off the folks that actually spend $s on tickets. But they now have internal cast squabbles on inclusiveness within these separate categories based off of race or gender.



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New trailer for All Quiet:

Visually this thing looks stunning, hope they keep some of the important scenes/components. Not sure as it looks like there are some new updates being done. But I do see a very important scene stays in...

Spoiler Alert:

The scene of Paul having to spend the night in a crater with a guy he just killed looks to be there. Gut wrenching and the WWI vets that saw the film singled it out as one of the tougher scenes for them to view.