Coaches that do not teach the screwball?


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To my surprise, I've heard three coaches that said they do not like teaching the screwball. One of the coaches said that he doesn't like it because he considers it a dangerous pitch for the hitters.

IMO, I see that as a strange reason not to use a pitch. A curveball has the same movement, just the opposite direction. Depending on if the batter is right-handed/left-handed or the pitcher is right-handed/left-handed, a curveball would be just as dangerous.

Is this a common thing for coaches to say they don't teach the screwball?


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Never heard of not teaching it. I would as politely as I can say the coach who said he doesn't teach it because it's dangerous to hitters is an idiot. As you said even if it's dangerous for a right handed hitter, it's critical when throwing to lefties, especially slapper. My daughter has won a lot of games and a lot of post season awards living on a screwball. In fairness to the coach, she's also plunked more than her fair share with it.