Aurora V Chardon, at Mentor

Aurora bumped Chardon out of the playoffs in recent years...Hilltoppers have a long memory. May be the biggest shock of the night.
Chardon is better team and dominated every aspect of the game especially the trenches. Aurora linemen were nonexistent and on skates on about every play. Hats off to Chardon they were prepared and executed well all night. Aurora not so much.
Historically you’re wrong. Aurora has won both Regional Championship games between these teams. If you think Chardon is tougher this year then that remains to be seen tonight. Maybe you’re right about that
Hate to say I told you so, but, I told you so. I didn't go to the game (Mentor too far to drive when other good games where much closer to my home). But I heard that Chardon dominated in the trenches. Just took it to Aurora. Bummer, because I was rooting for Aurora. But Chardon is a different world, different culture when it comes to hard nosed football. Nothing to be upset about though - Aurora is a great community and has a great football program. Chardon was just a bad match up.