Alexander D-II Sectional Rankings


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My Predictions:

The year of the COVID! I have seen very few results. So take this with a grain of salt!

I welcome any insight into which weights certain wrestlers are competing, because I know that I’m bound to be off with some wrestlers. I have found limited results on many of these teams, I have not seen ANY results for Vinton County.

I love doing these rankings, but as it has been pointed out before, they are just for fun. To any wrestlers who read these and feel that they are ranked too low, you may be right. I am bound to be wrong on many of the rankings, but fortunately they have absolutely no impact on how anyone will finish at any tournament this season or any other year.

1. Leo Riley (ATH)
2. Ethan Burkhart (NL)
3. Nate Young (GA)
4. Blake Clouse (SH)
5. Hayley Snider (WL)
6. Carter Deck (JA)

Riley makes the cut and favorite here over Burkhart.

1. Alexander Crane (SH)
2. Tyler Ratliff (NL)
3. Jack Roe (MAR)
4. Mason Reese-Martin (ATH)
5. Jules Sedeyn (GA)
6. Clay Carpenter (WL)
7. Ava Sheeter (JA)

State qualifier Crane will have no trouble here.

1. Skylar Hamric (VC)
2. Cole Coleman (WL)
3. Issac Ratliff (NL)
4. Adam Porterfield (ATH)
5. Todd Elliott (GA)
6. Dakota Harris (SH)

Based on past results I am giving Hamric the nod here. But Coleman looked very good at the tournaments I saw him and could very easily win this weight class.

1. Hunter Wallis (SH)
2. Harley Gottke (NL)
3. Dylan Queen (GA)
4. Jacob Berg (WL)
5. Phillip Allison (JA)
6. Peggy Belin (MAR)

No idea. Not sure if anyone here has a winning record.

1. Kody Beal/Shaun Pletcher (NL)
2. Blake Sheeter (JA)
3. Garytt Schwall (GA)
4. Michael Tolliver (SH)
5. James Lively (WL)
6. Tristan Haas (ATH)
7. Blake Mock (VC)

State Qualifier(s) Beal/Pletcher easily wins this weight class.

1. Kody Beal/Shaun Pletcher (NL)
2. Luke Snider (SH)
3. Cody Brown (JA)
4. Derek Michael (ATH)
5. Hayden Wiggers (WL)
6. Quentin Campbell (VC)
7. Dakota McCoy (GA)

State Qualifier(s) Beal/Pletcher easily wins this weight class.

1. Wyatt Abele (NL)
2. Hunter Jamison (SH)
3. Jayden Dunlap (GA)
4. Hayden Fliehman (JA)
5. Aristotle Arthur (ATH)
6. Kylee Tait (WL)

Abele has had a great season this year and should win this weight class.

1. Peyton Kellar (WL)
2. Michael Eckelberry (SH)
3. Zavier Campsey (ATH)
4. Hunter Rose (NL)
5. Shannon Mcinnis (VC)
6. Cole Hines (GA)
7. James Berschi (JA)
8. Colton Sites (MAR)

Kellar may win the STATE. His headgear might be able top win this sectional.

1. Hudson Shamblin (GA)
2. Trey Helwig (NL)
3. David Farmer (ATH)
4. Brandon Webb (JA)
5. Cole Hupp (WL)
6. Jacob Ramey (SH)
7. Zach Radabaugh (VC)
8. Aaron Vessels (MAR)

Freshman superstar should walk through this weight.

1. Jordan Barnett (SH)
2. Hunter Shamblin (GA)
3. Braxton Springer (ATH)
4. Jacob Dold (NL)
5. Ethan Rasp (JA)
6. J.T. Rice (WL)

State placer Barnett could outscore his opponents a combined 45-0 if he wants.

1. Brian List (ATH)
2. Michael Henry (GA)
3. Hunter Zizek (SH)
4. Sam Longhenry (NL)
5. Mike Baker (JA)
6. Ethan Berg (WL)
7. Hudson Misels (MAR)

List should win this weight class easily.

1. Austin Carpenter (WL)
2. Drake George (ATH)
3. David Strong (JA)
4. Zach Robinson (NL)
5. Isaac Mckinney (SH)
6. Braydon Easton (GA)
7. Robby Swisher (MAR)

This one could be interesting. The top three could win this one. I was impressed with Carpenter at Miami Trace and New Lex Invitationals.

1. Dylan Keife (WL)
2. Braylon Bacon (ATH)
3. Gabriel Raynor (GA)
4. Tyler Beaulieu (NL)

See 126.

1. Logan Morris (SH)
2. Jake Welch (WL)
3. Timothy McManis (VC)
4. Zane Pletcher (NL)
5. Scottie Mendoza (JA)
6. Dakota Siders (GA)
7. Josiah Prather (MAR)
8. Zane Keller (ATH)

State qualifier Morris will walk through this one.

1. New Lexington
2. Athens
3. Sheridan
4. Gallia Academy
5. Warren Local
6. Jackson
7. Vinton County
8. Marietta
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