2 Springfield vs 7 fairmont rematch

Who wins

  • Springfield

    Votes: 40 59.7%
  • Fairmont

    Votes: 27 40.3%

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Why do you need to come here for that? In other posts, you've discussed past game results of Fairfield, LW and Princeton. So obviously youre familiar with the GMC stats website and other sources of game stats info. Are you just trying to ruin this thread? If so, please take that elsewhere. Have a good week
That’s funny. I could ask you the same question why you are in the West Princeton thread??? Just returning the favor. RELAX


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I’m not talking about scrapping it completely. What I mean by opening it up is take the wing t for instance. You can run the wing t out of shotgun. Same blocking schemes, same plays. The only difference is the hand offs are in front of the quarterback instead of behind. That leaves you the threat of throwing the ball as well.
Thanks for the clarification. I agree with you.
Well I let you have the moment cuz Fairmont has never been this fair and probably be awhile before they do it again. But everyone makes playoffs these days.


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I think someone may care if Fairmont was playing Moeller tomorrow. So i’m sure Moeller is on neither teams mind right now
Any team ranked in the state's top 5 is disciplined. That doesn't mean they're perfect, not human and can't make a mistake or a miscue on any given evening. But to say SHS "doesn't have any" discipline is simply not true. If you really think that, you don't know this team, program or coach.
Springfield penalties in last 5 games (all decisive wins, btw):
vs Boro 9
vs Cville 14
vs Burg 10
vs Northmont 17
vs Orange 11
Sounds undisciplined to me. But imagine the difference in those games if they clean it up?

But I’m rooting for Fairmont cause, you know, nobody else in the GWOC plays good football anymore or something like that (according to certain people). How ironic would it be for SHS to lose twice to the same conference team… a team that went 4-3 in-conf.


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What’s this I am hearing about Springfield petitioning the OHSAA to let springboro and northmont kids play for them Friday? Apparently in the letter he told the OHSAA we need kids who know how to beat Fairmont.