2020 Yappi Challenge - Comments

High School Football, 2020
This pool is currently closed.


I’m done looking and waiting for the Yappi Challenge, maybe next year I might return.
Sorry guys. Last week was not a good week. Just didn't have the time for almost anything.

Week 4 of the contest is up now (for week 5 games).

I won't bore you with the details. Just hoping that this "busy time" is gone now and things can get back to normal.
Week 4 results are up...

I thought I did good this week but only got 8 right.
Any chance we could get a listing of where people stand in the contest going into the big pick list next week. Need to know how many upsets I have to pick right to recover from the worst year of picking I have every had.
I guess my age got me because I put my picks in but do not see my name in the results . Don't know what I did wrong , but I guess I am out of the the picking. Good luck to all that are still in .
Third week in a row I hope I get one right. Good luck to those still playing to win this contest.