2020 Yappi Challenge - Comments

High School Football, 2020
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I am sorry but it does not seem Yappi has the time and or desire to run the contest this year, maybe we need to do like so many things have been done this year and cancel this to next year. I really enjoy the contest even though I am doing the poorest I think I have ever done.
jiminy x-mas guys.....patience is a virtue. He is posting them every week, so what if you have to wait until Thursday/Friday morning to make your picks. They will come

Me every time I check and still no week 4..
I'm sure Yappi is fine. He posted on the Copley Tallmadge game last night. Perhaps we've been spoiled. We are like pavlov's dog waiting for the picks, getting antsier by the second. If we dont have one this week the sun will come up tomorrow. Or will it....??