2019 Yappi Challenge - Comments

High School Football, 2019
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Oops, forgot to pick more than one game in week one, haha, don't know why I did that
Once you've joined, click "manage my picks". I was getting the same blank screen and once I completed that selection, I got into all the pools and made my selections.
It's October 08, 2019


Streetsboro play Akron Coventry this coming October 11, 2019 not Akron Springfield.

Need to fix that yappi challenge.

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Yappi, sorry , you're RIGHT

Springfield Div I) at Springboro (Div I)


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That is one of those confusing ones. The software shortens the names of the schools. Also, most people don't recognize the helmets to help them identify the school. The software was mostly written for the NFL. Glad you were able to decipher which Springfield it was meant to be.
It's October 27, 2019


Was wonder how do you closed a Thread?

We have 2 Thread about the McKinley vs Massillon, even though I started my first. I thought I would Closed my Thread.

:unsure: :p ? ? :D ?

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