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    Battleground State Predictions

    Wishful thinking.... the UW students aren't there to vote blue
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    Battleground State Predictions

    Thankfully, Americans appear to have recognized the Trojan horse for what he is.
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    Ohio In Play?

    This is so funny... the lefties are so excited when the urban areas are counted and the trojan horse pulls out into the temporary lead. That's followed by the anxiety they feel as the hard-working rural Americans outside of the major cities who don't want the government reaching into their...
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    Pittsburgh Post-Gazette endorses Trump - first repub. in nearly 50 years

    LOL... the ol' aneuploidy response eh? Way to base your "argument" on the 0.3% of human live births. Talk about arguing from the exception and not the rule!
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    Some Potentially Very Good News: Hydroxychloroquine and Z-pac

    and FYI, while adequate and well-controlled clinical trials are certainly the gold standard for normal drug development, there are circumstances where the risk:benefit ratio favors providing unapproved products for use in people with serious or life-threatening conditions where there is an unmet...
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    Some Potentially Very Good News: Hydroxychloroquine and Z-pac

    An explanation that actually fits the data... what a novel thought. This, and any other reasonable hypothesis should be given our collective highest priority. It's obscene that any political affiliation/agenda is being put ahead of people's lives and I hope that when this health crisis...
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    FINA World Jr Champs

    Don't know why we haven't had a thread on this before but.... :Party::Party::Party: CONGRATULATIONS!!! to SW Ohio swimmers Ashley Volpenhein (Mason) and Grant House (St X) for being named to the US Jr National team and then going over to Singapore and kicking butt!! Ashley came in 7th in the...
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    2015 State Meet

    The District Meets are completed and the qualifiers for this year's State Swim and Dive Championship are set to clash over the next several days. These boards have been unusually quiet this year but now is the time for chatter on the meet. It looks to be a VERY fast meet this year with some...
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    Gmc 2015

    Local swimmers are back in the pool in anticipation of the 2014/2015 campaign and ready-or-not, competition commences next week! The early season skirmishes may not tell us a lot, as most of the contenders for the league title will be short-handed until their club swimmers cross-over for high...
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    2013/2014 USA Swimming Scholastic All Americans

    We all know how fast the swimming in Ohio is... but to combine that with excellence in the classroom is really something we all should take a moment to applaud. Below is the list (by USA team) of the Ohio men who this past year earned Scholastic All-American honors. Well done guys!! :Party...
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    LCM Championship Season

    Sectionals (Miami) and Senior Meet (Kenyon) are coming up next week so everyone is hopefully getting some rest and preparing to swim fast! I know DR is hosting the former meet and RAYS the latter, and the following week is YMCA Nationals and Summer Juniors so lots to talk about. Who's going...
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    PCY Senior Circuit Meet

    Long course season is gearing up with a few meets already behind us. This coming weekend is the Senior Circuit Meet held at Powel Crosley YMCA. Looks like alot of the area's top swimmers will be participating including members of CAC, Clippers, Raiders, MantaRays, PCY, KAC and Mercy...
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    2014 SW District

    Psych sheets are up for the SW Sectional meets this weekend. No more speculation about who will be swimming what. Lots of interesting matchups to talk about. One of the things that jumped out at me was that the final heat of the 200 free at districts is going to be very fast this year!
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    MAKO Holiday Spirit Invitational

    MAKOs meet this weekend! Should be an indication of who's been putting in the hard work towards the upcoming HS season. Lot's of swimmers from D1 and D2 in SW Ohio going head-to-head. After this meet everyone (who already hasn't) will be crossing over to their school teams and we'll start...
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    GMC Preview - 2014

    As has been pointed out in other threads, the GMC lost a good number of quality swimmers to graduation last year but then again, when DOESN’T that happen? As is always the case, there are plenty of quality underclassmen ready to step up and take their place as the conference leaders trying to...