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    If we have a football season, will the OHSAA realign the divisions?

    How many schools have cancelled or "paused" their football seasons? From what I've seen it look like over 80. I think the OHSAA should look at redoing both Divisions and regions since over 10% of the teams as of now aren't playing. And sadly enough that number is only going to grow.
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    What will it take for contact sports to get approved for competition by 9/4?

    Since all these AAU tournaments are going on why isn't the Health Dept enforcing their own rules with it??? Why aren't they making sure they are testing. It they aren't enforcing it now why would they start with High Schools?
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    If the Governor repeals testing, will he give a protocol to schools

    Will he give a protocol to schools on what to do with positive cases, how it should be handled? My wife is a teacher and from what she has said her school has gotten little to zero guidance from the state. The Governor just pushing it down the road to the schools. Have other schools gotten...
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    COVID Testing and Contact Sports

    This is a good question. Also is DeWine willing to go against the Local Health Depts? And if the state repeals the testing does that means that the Virus has been way over blown? Does mean that wearing masks should stop? I'm not saying one way or another. But these are legit questions
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    Can schools choose to play in the Spring?

    Why not have track, baseball, and softball now. And Football, golf, soccer, tennis in spring. People are already playing baseball and softball
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    next season

    If football Can't be played I can't see how they could play basketball. I don't know how the schools could afford all the testing. But if by some chance there is basketball, there will be restrictions. Probably something like only playing conference games, nothing outside your county. There...
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    Anyone going to team camp?

    Yes the original order was extended. That's why you don't see football teams competing in 7 v 7. It's actually a state government law. So my guess is the punishment wouldn't come from the OHSAA, it would probably come from the state against the athletic director and school board. That is just...
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    Anyone going to team camp?

    Spirit 454 because it the rules. If other schools have to do it why wouldn't they??? A high profile program like Hiland isn't going to risk getting in trouble with the OHSAA over a team camp
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    Anyone going to team camp?

    Shaggy25, that's a good question. On the girls form it said that Hiland's girls team went to Indiana. I don't know if that's true or not. Maybe one of the parents is a doctor and can administer the test??? Maybe someone can fill us in???
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    Anyone going to team camp?

    Sound like the Board of Education at Lake would let their basketball team go to team camp.
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    Confirmed Covid Shutdowns- OHIO

    The way the radio made it sound is that we need cases to drop 40-50% to have sports. So that means back to 600 a day. Which that's where we were just a few weeks ago. But I bet the governor will be ok if we get to 800.
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    Confirmed Covid Shutdowns- OHIO

    Interesting take from Lake in Stark County Board of Education.
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    Anyone going to team camp?

    Did all of the players get tested before the camp???
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    Confirmed Covid Shutdowns- OHIO

    I think players will stop going to get tested. Now if a player gets tested and found positive, the team will miss out on the first 2-3 days of practice if not more. I would not want to be an AD or coach right now.
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    DeWine: 'If we want Friday night football in the fall...'

    I do agree that the rules they put in for baseball and softball are pretty pointless. I've been to a couple of games and nobody follows them. Just like teams having to get tested before going to a team camp for basketball. I seriously doubt all of the player that went to that camp that sued...