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    Did you ever work for minimum wage?

    Every job I held in high school and college paid minimum wage. I think my first few years working it was like $3.25 or $3.35 and then went up to $3.80 when I was in college. My first “real” job paid $11/hr and I thought I was rich. I got my first paycheck and blew it on a new suit and...
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    Ohio State Buckeyes 2022

    Except statistically Michigan’s offense had more success against Ohio State this year….which is really sad considering last year Michigan was at home with a veteran team and this year they were on the road with their best offensive player injured.
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    Did Talladega Nights kill NASCAR?

    I was a big NASCAR fan in the late 90s and early 00s. My wife and I went to races (Bristol, Martinsville, Richmond, Charlotte, Michigan, Brickyard, Rockingham) and I watched almost every race on TV. I can’t put a finger on the exact reason why I stopped watching. Probably a combination of...
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    Thanks for sharing. I was kind of wondering about this recently…why were there only humans working as slave labor in the prison? And why does it seem that only humans serve the in the Imperial military. It doesn’t really make sense in a galaxy this big with all these worlds and aliens or...
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    Ohio Capital Conference- how are divisions created?

    There won’t be a 3rd high school in Pickerington in the foreseeable future. The bond issue that was just passed includes money to add on to both the Central and North buildings. When selling this bond issue to the voters, the school board said these additions will keep us from adding a 3rd...
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    Dublin Coffman 2022

    For what it’s worth…having seen Gahanna up close twice, they are just on a different level this year than anyone else in Central Ohio. I was very impressed. The only way this game is close is if Gahanna has self inflicted wounds. At least when I saw them they committed turnovers and made...
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    Driving Pet Peeves

    I agree with most of the peeves listed and will repeat a few but here's my list (I have a bunch)... #1. Without a doubt... people who drive slowly in the left lane or people who just cruise in the left lane on a highway. The left lane is the passing lane not the cruising lane. I feel like...
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    Pick North vs Pick Central, week 12 (2022 rematch)

    The game is sold out. Took a few days vs. a few hours in the regular season.
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    Barbarians - Nexflix

    Anyone watch or watching this? I was bored one night a year or so ago and turned it on and got hooked. it takes a bit to get used to the English voice overs since the original is filmed in German, but worth the watch. It’s based on the Germanic tribes fighting the Romans in the early first...
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    Speaking of…. They really had a scene where one of the bad guys (Syril) goes to his mom’s house and gets lectured by his mom while he eats Cocoa Puffs with blue milk. This goes on for like 5 minutes. Someone at Disney read this script and green lighted this.
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    I haven't hit the point of boredom with House of Dragon...yet.
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    Anyone else watch episode 5? Is it just me or is this becoming extremely boring. I had to fight sleep throughout. This latest episode was a lot of deep conversations. It went from one scene of Andor and his group talking, to a scene with Rael talking, to a scene with Syril talking to his...
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    Time to Retire "Hells Bells" from 3rd Down in Stadiums?

    So is Pickerington Central the only school that uses Metallica’s For Whom The Bell Tolls on 3rd down?
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    Fire Stick vs Roku

    Well…. she already has cable but she can’t watch Thursday night football (Amazon Prime) and her favorite Soap Opera got taken off regular NBC and now only streams on Peacock.