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    Any schools let their students in for free to football games?

    How many schools let old, strike that, seasoned folks in free? The school I follow does, but it has been my deal for more years than I care to recall, I have made a habit of giving the concession people a ten for 3 or 4 bucks of pre- game popcorn and drink and letting them keep the rest for the...
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    'Remember The Titans', The Loss Of Two Coaches In 2019

    Watch the movie every chance I get. I know liberties were taken with the truth, as is Hollywood's want, but never the less I like it.
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    2nd amendment protest in Virginia

    With "no guns on the square", I take that to mean that the law enforcement people there for crowd control will be unarmed? His body guards?
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    2020 Presidential Race

    And the value of that is....
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    Global Warming

    Would someone please explain the process to charge an electric car. Don't say plug it in, what I want to know is how is the electricity produced/generated. Are fossil fuels being used, nuclear, hydro, how? If the generation of the electricity is bad for the environment, then how good can the...
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    2020 Presidential Race

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    2020 Presidential Race

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    2020 Presidential Race

    What's been shown in the case of the dems is only that figures lie and liars figure.
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    Global Warming

    Winters in Berlin were cold. We(Berlin) were further north than the continental US. About halfway up the Hudson Bay. On the days that I had to go from Clay Allee to Tempelhof I would head out with a travel coffee mug of coffee in the holder between the seats. A bit would slosh up on the lid and...
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    2020 Presidential Race

    You're inhaling again.
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    2020 Classic in the Country

    I'm impressed with the list of sponsors. At our annual 🐕 show here in Marion the tourism office has figured out how much the four day event puts in to the local economy. Has there been any studies on the impact the Classic has on the area?
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    2020 Presidential Race

    How many dems did it take? The original 20 and then add in the late comers? Of course all those dems will give all they've raised to the one that winds up with the dem nomination.
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    Donald J. Trump has been impeached by the House

    They may also have feared it would have to be decided by the Supreme Court and the time frame would kill the case before the election
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    Global Warming

    With the temperature here near Marion at 12:30 this morning being 12 with a wind-chill of -4, I wouldn't object to some global warming.
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    What's going on in the world

    The weather was cold, windy, rainy and snowy all day here. Because of that I only a short time ago walked out to get the mail and the newspaper. After reading the comic strips I can tell you that this thread is a lot more humorous.