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    Will XC happen this fall?

    While certainly not the preferred option, Cross country skiing has used interval starts for as long as I can remember. This article discussed how that might work, and why interval starts might be better than wave starts (another option) for XC races...
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    Tent / Canopy recommendations

    Hi Kevin, I ran in your neck of the woods (literally) last Sunday. We currently have a pair of 10x20 EZ Up tents, courtesy of some amazing parents that raised the money on their own and just donated them to the team a few years ago. We can't fit a 10x20 on our buses and still keep the...
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    OHSAA High School Early Season Cross Country Invitational - August 15

    Try here for the "schedule" (ultimately): It does say "2020" on it, but may not be completely right. 3200m instead of the 2.5 listed above... Would be the place to look for a schedule when it does appear, I would...
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    Clayton Murphy Speaks Out

    Matt, I feel you are bringing up a great point. Akron's situation seems eerily similar to that of Ohio University. This is right down to the vague, illogical administrative answers and their current unwillingness to have both the Cross Country AND the Golf programs return in spite of both...
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    Fortress Obetz to Host OHSAA Cross Country Championships

    Yes; the Crew facility is on the east edge of the Fortress Obetz park. However, there is a roughly 6 foot, tree lined drainage ditch between the park and the Crew practice fields, and there is a fairly large parking lot that runs the length of the soccer club practice facility. It would...
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    NEDAB Announces New District Format

    Can't speak to the social distancing issues, but Columbus does 12 races each year at one site for cross country. So that's an issue that is being dealt with in at least one district. The two sites the NEDAB choses will be of great...
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    Schools with a color in their name but that color isn’t one of their colors

    Sorry about that - didn't notice autocorrect had got me before pushed send. Thanks for the pick up.
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    Schools with a color in their name but that color isn’t one of their colors

    Although they don't have football, you could throw White Oak High School in Mowrystown into the mix (orange and black).
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    Will there be venues open for XC competition?

    True, but if 'social distancing' a cross country meet is a goal, a relay-style meet is one way to do it. Additionally, the vast majority of our result system programs automatically have a "total time" as part of the result, so there is at least a precedent there. The real drawback to a relay...
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    OHSAA announced "Early Season Invitational will be held a week earlier. (August 15 in 2020)..."

    Announcement was tucked into the May 20 Board Minutes, found here: Also reflected in the OHSAA Cross Country Calendar here: If you don't want to read though all...
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    Will there be venues open for XC competition?

    We ran in a relay-style meet held by Marion Franklin back in 1980. Their format was to have the number one and two runners in one race, the 3 and 4 runners in a second race, the 5-6-7 runners in a third race, and the JV runners together in a fourth race. The times for the top 5 athletes were...
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    Mandatory coaches meeting prior to the start of summer conditioning!

    Count us as one of the schools having a meeting first, for the same reasons as you.
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    Mid American Conference Track & Field top Men athletes

    Bruno Pauletto was the Canadian record holder in the shot, and made 2 olympic teams after winning the NCAA Indoor for Central Michigan
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    University of Akron drops men's cross country... Along with men's golf and women's tennis
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    Best State Meet performances that you have witnessed - top 3

    There have been so many great performances. A couple that have really stuck with me over the years... 1 & 2 was the 1985 D. 1 4x8's. Two non-winning anchor legs - one from Lancaster (Doug Conroy, who I had 1:49 high/1:50 low), and one from Upper Arlington (Barb Courtade, in 2:10 low) -...