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    Yovanovitch was told to leave immediately over concerns about her safety (the threat was from trumps thugs) She is a hero. Rudy should be in prison.

    Didn't the new information come out of the Lev Parnas indictment? Not sure how that has to do with the house of Representatives. Wasn't that evidence be held by the department of justice?
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    Nunes is a true patriot. Never thought anyone would utter those words
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    2019 OHSAA Unofficial Last Man Standing (Championship Round)

    Just like the browns next year will be my year
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    2019 OHSAA Unofficial Last Man Standing (Championship Round)

    Good luck everyone. Week 14 got me again
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    2019 OHSAA Last Man Standing (Week 14)

    Wyoming over Clyde by 21 Marion Local over Patrick Henry by 20
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    2019 Last Man Standing (Week 13)

    Kirtland over Manchester by 22 LaSalle over Harrison by 21
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    Week 12 Region 28 #2 Marion Local (9-2) vs #3 Fort Loramie (10-1)

    The Fort is just one in a long line of teams that had magical runs end at the hands of the MAC. Covington, M-burg, Hardin Northern, Ada, Columbus Grove, Crestview and McComb quickly come to mind.
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    2019 OHSAA Last Man Standing (Week 12)

    St. Ed's by 27 over Euclid New Bremen by 35 over Perry
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    playoff sites

    Why no Lima stadium this weekend?
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    2019 Unofficial OHSAA Last Man Standing (Week 11, Playoff Edition)

    Marion local by 50 over miss valley Fort loramie over HN by 55
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    2019 OHSAA Unofficial Last Man Standing (Week 10)

    Anna over dsj by 35 Allen East over Ada by 50
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    Trump Announces Death of Terrorist; He killed himself and 3 of his children as US Special Forces closed in

    Figured a deep state conspiracy tin foil hat wearing man such as yourself would see right through an announcement such as this. Operation was hundred percent to change the narrative. Only question is when will Fox news drop an article about how everyone was wrong to criticize the...