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    Any girls tournaments still on?

    There were still a handful of tournaments this year even with Covid. Many events turned into Quads. Scheduling a bunch of Quads was probably the best plan. Scheduling was tough with COVID this year...and building new programs....and getting AD's on board (ours has been great so far)....and...
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    Referee needed for Tri - 1/9 in SW Ohio

    Due to a cancellation we need a certified ref for a tri meet on 1/9 in Harrison, Ohio 10am start time. Please send email to
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    Sal Perrine Nordonia

    Awesome for Sal!!! Them boys waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy better athletes than the old man...he should stick to fishing.....and eating.
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    Central District Girls Coaches Poll

    That's Awesome! Joe C....where ya at.
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    National Wrestling Hall of Fame’s Ohio Chapter Announces 2019 Class

    Lots of great dudes there. Jeff Simmons is an awesome human being in general...and man that international career is un real. Guy Sako is an awesome dude and wrestling innovator with his product line. Love doing business with him even if it is just a small amount a year.
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    Girls results Olivia Shore -1st McKenna Craft - 2nd Chloe Dearwester - 3rd *both losing close matches to world silver medalist. Josie Davis - 4th
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    SWOC Football 2020

    Nobody goes to that Ross IGA anymore
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    Milford hires retired marine as head coach

    Very good dude from a very good family that has been invested in Milford Wrestling since the late 1980's.
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    College scholarship's like most get what you pay for. Coaching friend paid for an online program for his daughter..they had a goal score to reach...I don't recall what he paid, but it was not at the high end of what I found. She hit her score so it was worth every penny for them. There...
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    College scholarship

    Every school is different...every division is different. Most schools wrestling programs are NOT fully funded...meaning the NCAA allows a school to give 9.9 scholarships, but the university only funds 3 or whatever it is for them. My kid got "offers" from D2, D3, & NAIA schools within our...
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    Athena Womens College Wrestling Combine - May 16th

    I put this out on Twitter, but wanted to post here as well....At this point we are forced to cancel the 2020 Athena College Combine. We are not happy about it as it was shaping up to be a great opportunity for girls in our region to get recruited that might have not been noticed...With the...
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    2021 Wrestling season in jeopardy!

    fake news....I hope
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    2020 SWOWCA Coaches Classic

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    Athena Womens College Wrestling Combine - May 16th

    Registration is open on flo..We currently have girls from Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky, South Carolina, and Arkansas. There are currently 14 teams committed to attending to evaluate girls for college wrestling opportunities...along with several who are very interested, but have yet to...
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    Questions about Girls Wrestling moving forward

    My vote...if I had one, would be adding girls wrestling as a 4th division to the sport within the current ohsaa wrestling structure. I think girls teams should be permitted to train with boys teams while sharing facilities and coaches...and then when ohsaa takes over girls product that their...