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    Last Chance OAC Grade School Sectional at Steubenville

    This is the last OAC Grade School qualifier in the state! Register here: Click here!
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    OVAC Brackets & Seeds

    updated brackets and team score Parkersburg South takes an early lead!
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    OVAC Brackets & Seeds

    With the Conference growing (Just added Dover, New Phil, Warren Local & Hundred this year) The tourney may go to a 64 man bracket. If the OVAC would do away with Thursday night , they would never be able to rent the facility again on Thursday it would be booked. Is the answer they gave me...
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    OVAC Brackets & Seeds

    up dated brackets
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    OVAC Brackets & Seeds
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    2020 Best of the Midwest JH Invitational (Formerly Philo) - Saturday January 4
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    What’s tougher, winning the OAC states, or finding the results to the Best of the Midwest? sorry i put it in the wrong folder, its fixed now
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    OVAC Rankings 2019-20
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    Accessing Lindsay's Law in order to take the assessment...

    ODE website is the worse!
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    Looking for freestyle practices!?

    Better if its in North East Ohio
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    PIAA to change weigh classes?
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    Div II Runner up WJU may not have a program next year!
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    OHSAA finals streamed live
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    http:// ADDITIONAL TOURNAMENT INFORMATION STEUBENVILLE HIGH SCHOOL 420 North 4th St. Steubenville, OH Tournament Director: Sean Smith ( Special Note: Early registration is advised to secure a spot. Most...