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    What schools do you think should or eventually will consolidate?

    Many of the small school parents are satisfied with "just good enough." The bare minimum in classes offered; just good enough for Johnny to play on the varsity; just good enough to keep the state out of our business. Just good enough is not good enough in the 21st century.
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    Kelly Preston ~ dead @ age 57

    I am truly sorry for what you have been==are are currently through. As I said in my original post, a lot of luck is necessary in every situation. I am sorry you feel what I said is a bunch of crap, but every word I typed was the truth. I will beat this with a positive attitude and support...
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    Bob Goldring, OHSAA, Speaks to Media first time on Fall sports

    It's very obvious that you have never been exposed to great leaders. There are man great ones in the business field. Goldring is nothing more than a puppet for the OHSAA Board members. A true leader would have issued a statement on how fall sports will be handled and how the OHSAA will lead...
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    Kelly Preston ~ dead @ age 57

    Any cancer is beatable. It all depends on the person, their treatment, how soon it was caught and a great deal of luck. I am currently in my 5th month of chemo following colon cancer surgery. I was Stage 3 when detected and I have the positive attitude it takes to beat cancer's . I have...
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    Bob Goldring, OHSAA, Speaks to Media first time on Fall sports

    Good grief. A total copout by the OHSAA again. First of all, would somebody please explain to me how fall sports can go forth this year? No fans = all expenses, no revenue. If professional sports are operating with a restricted fan attendance, there is no way in hell high school athletics...
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    Potential OHSAA Director Replacements

    Stevie Wonder--the good old boys at the OHSAA need somebody they can lead around by the hand and tell them everything is great while keeping him in the dark.
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    Why was Jerry S. fired? (POLL)

    Other: The other OHSAA board members found out he worked in the best interest of the student/athlete and they could not have someone like that working for the OHSAA
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    Jerry Snodgrass Resigns

    Who needs revenue at a time you have little or no expenses? To pay those numbnuts who set on the OHSAA board.?
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    Jerry Snodgrass Resigns

    This is an absolute moronic move by the OHSAA. They finally have a leader with more integrity than most men can only dream about. His problem is he is a non-politician in a world consumed by more political agendas than the entire of Washington, DC. I have said for years, the OHSAA under prior...
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    Ghislaine Maxwell

    And how can we forget the millions of abortions committed every year by the left in this country? People who live in glass houses......................
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    Who still posts on a desktop computer?

    I used to feel the same way regarding my work laptop. Then once my manager, who happened to be the owner's son, was able to purchase a new IBM ThinkPad and passed his old laptop down to me. I spent an entire weekend getting the porn off of it. He had subscriptions to dozens of adult site...
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    Commonly mislocated schools

    Hilltop is not in the hills of southern Ohio. Heck, it's in the flatlands of NW Ohio and no longer even sits on a hill. o_O
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    Michigan HS Football to the Spring?

    She needs to go away for good. This woman is an embarassment to the entire state. She is in way over her head.
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    Who is wearing masks?

    In the past 4 years, I have had: 1. 2 minor strokes 2. Onset of Type 2 Diabetes 3. Surgery and currently on chemo for colon cancer To hell with the masks. Whatever I get as a result of not wearing a mask I can handle. :eek:
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    Live Albums..... recommend me some

    Twiddle "Live" is an awesome album if jam bands are your thing.