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    Waverly (8-0) @ Clinton Massie (8-0)

    Where there's a will, there's a way. I mean it's not that hard to let someone in if they want to let them in. If I know Massie people, they aren't the ones holding Biden/Harris signs and wearing masks all over. They love their football.
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    Bishop Sycamore Innovation High School

    Let me guess - they rode the corona crap and delay in evictions as long as they could to get free housing. I mean, who isn't doing their homework here? They've now successfully frauded mutiple entities out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. How is Jay Richardson showing up on TV each week and...
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    Bishop Sycamore Innovation High School

    Anyone who fell for this scam, again, deserves the consequences. It’s sucks that kids were caught in the middle.
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    What happens if counties go "Purple"?

    it’s very easy to argue that. Think about 15 minutes of actual continuous contact. Kids and staff are constantly moving at practice or at a game. It doesn’t happen.
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    What happens if counties go "Purple"?

    A parent down in Clermont County finally wised up and filed a motion for a restraining order against these goofy health department rules so she could play in her soccer game tonight. They won. They wanted her to quarantine despite wearing a mask and having plastic dividers in the classroom. We...
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    Monday: St. Charles 20 Franklin Heights 18

    Uh...two programs that are really struggling.
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    What happens if counties go "Purple"?

    That would be nuts. Play on!
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    Adena @ Mechanicsburg

    well, way way way more people can attend being at London...and I am sure Burg's field was a disaster with all of the rain and more coming.
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    What happens if counties go "Purple"?

    Who knows. It all depends on what crayons Mike, Fran and the grand kids decide to color with from week to week. Hospitals are still begging for business, despite what Columbus Mayor Ginther was blabbing about in his news conference today. At the end of the day, when it comes to the OHSAA...
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    Central Buckeye Conference 2020

    Right now JA is not only successful in football, but across all sports in the CBC. Four years in the league and they'll soon have four all-sports trophies. Winning breeds winning.
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    Central Buckeye Conference 2020

    Alder 14, London 0 final
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    Saturday Final Scores - 10/24

    (4) Plain City Jonathan Alder 14, (5) London 0
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    D3 Region 11

    Hartley was firmly in control early and then the storm hit. I think it was around 10:30 before they resumed. I am sure this was a “let’s get this over with” mentality at that point for Hartley.
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    Longest road trip for the playoffs

    It's because there is no good way to get there.
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    Interview with Indian Valley HC Matt Lancaster after Health Board Cancels Postseason

    whats ridiculous about this is that the health departments aren’t even following the rules THEY made. So the entire team had 15 minutes of continuous contact with one kid? People hear the word Covid and lose their minds.