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    Massillon vs St. Ed’s week one

    Problem is, they always read their own press and believe it.
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    What makes a coach successful?

    Besides the obvious, knowledge of the game, able to motivate players and coaches, I've seen a couple of patterns leading to success here. #1, having the entire program on the same page, Jr. High through varsity. Here, this goes back to the 60's under Abe Bryan, Ohio HS HOF coach. Records are...
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    Congratulations to Joe Burrow

    Happy to see it.
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    State Semi-Final (week 14) sites confirmed

    Exactly. That stadium would be hard pressed to fit just the two student bodies from the schools playing.
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    CFL Grey Cup-Ohio Players

    The Winnipeg BlueBombers take the win over the Hamilton TigerCats. Steubenville Big Red grad Zach Collaros got the start at QB for the Bombers, his third team of the season! Tyrell Sutton, of Akron Hoban did some hard running for the TiCats. Can anyone check the rosters for any other Ohio...
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    Week 11: #5 Steubenville (6-3) @ #4 Aurora (10-0)

    Upon further review, watching the game replay, ineligible receiver call that helped stop Big Red’s final drive seems to have been imaginary. You can clearly see all five interior linemen behind the line, and formation was good. The ejection was questionable also.
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    Division lll Region 9

    Where is Sy with an Aurora Stadium pic for us?
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    Eliminate Regions In OHSAA Football Playoffs

    He has no point, as usual. WV is lucky is they have 30 teams in one of three divisions. What are you going to have, 2 regions? Waste of time for them. I do like their system of having higher seed host, with lower seed selecting between Friday night or Saturday afternoon tho.
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    Week 9 Steubenville @ Columbus St Francis DeSales

    The divisor changed after the bye week.
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    Division III Football Poll - Week 8 (10/21/19)

    Playing hard and playing tough are 2 different things. I hear from various sources. The only opponent on the Greenmen schedule I have much regard for was CVCA, and that was a bit of a struggle. Credit for the GM for winning a tight one. But I might point out, we've seen a bit.
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    Division lll Region 9

    I'd love to visit Louisville next year, and host in Death Valley in '21.
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    Division III Football Poll - Week 8 (10/21/19)

    I think If they run into anyone close to them in talent, Aurora is going to lose the toughness battle. Always seem to be more of a finesse team to me. I still remember their game with Big Red at Canton. I happened to pick up on of their white “rally towels” after the game. “Go Greenmen”...
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    St. Louis Cardinal Ritter cancels season after sneaking suspended RB into season opener...

    Those quotes from the coach should be required reading for anyone considering him for a job. Obviously Delusional.
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    Ask The Ref?

    Players viewing game video during said game. Any ruling?
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    National Christian Academy (MD) 56 Big Red 55 OT Final. Wow!

    could have been much more. NCA is under an interim coach, they were a little fuzzy on the rules.