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    #1 Shawnee @ #4 Ottawa Glandorf

    and still a teacher in the Bath system too. Over 45 years teaching
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    #1 Shawnee @ #4 Ottawa Glandorf

    Aaron Matthews and Mark Shine is what i have heard
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    Lima Perry or Ada ?

    Perry for sure right now but this is a VERY BIG hire for them. A bad choice will send them back to mediocrity in short order and alot of open enrolled kids possibly back to their original schools
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    Governor DeWine Threatens To End D VII State Football Championship Game

    i heard this was a chant after the announcements were made
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    IUDOGS: 2020 - 2021 Ohio High School Head Football Coaches Changes

    Maumee’s job is NOT open per convo with Coach Couther as of 10/28
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    Pritzker Stops The Start Of The High School Basketball Season, IHSA Statement

    Last I checked this was an OHIO board and NOT Illinois. If i wanted the news from The Peoples Republic of Illinois Id read the WGN website. Shut this clickbait down for the love of god
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    Science In Illinois Says Basketball Is A 'High Risk Sport'...HS Basketball Put On Hold

    Keep that Illinois crap there where you live. Us Ohioans dont give a rats @$$
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    Division VII Seedings & Playoffs, All Regions Discussion

    I dont have a dog in the fight per se, Im not a coach, but I have seen both Riverside and Perry. Perry is legit. Their QB would probably start at any other school he attended and their skill players are also kids who would start at any other school they attend. Regarding Riverside, Kale Long...
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    Northwest Conference 2020

    A year ago at this time Elida had a mess on its hand with players not wanting to play for the coach at the time and granted comments and accusations came out that were said apparently, it led to that coach resigning. 52 weeks later at a different school in the area, and another coach is out mid...
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    Live Streams

    There is discussion in place with schools per my sources
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    LCC Working To Fill A Football Schedule As An Independent

    from the sounds of it, its the Superintendents who dont want to play. The coaches are all for it! They know that iron sharpens iron. This is crap
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    WBL 2020 Football Schedule Released, No Champion To Be Crowned

    Didnt know people based 300 miles or so from Ohio gave a damn about Ohio sports so much. Do the sports there suck THAT bad?
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    NWCC Schedule Released

    Saw this on their twitter. 2 divisions of 5. Ridgedale and Crestline joining a year early for football. 2 champs crowned.
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    LCC Working To Fill A Football Schedule As An Independent

    GREAT reporting from 300 plus miles away there
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    Open Dates??

    It is official