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    The Junior High State Wrestling Championship is Sunday, March 7th! Register Now to secure your spot.

    You guys are confusing!!!! Is this the state tournament that is usually held at covelli center in Youngstown that the jr high had a district qualifier for last yr? All these " jr high state tournaments" are confusing. I thought the one true jr high tournament was to be at covelli center at end...
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    Small MS team looking for matches

    We will be unable as it is too far for us to travel. Sorry
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    Wrestling during pandemic

    Can anyone answer me as to how it matters by not shaking hands before or after a match. I mean kids just got done wrestling each other and then not to shake hands how stupid is that. I love this sport and i will tell my wrestlers to abide by the pandemic rules but i find that not shaking hands...
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    Small MS team looking for matches

    I will contact my a.d. and see if we can do anything. Coach Furman
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    Schools choosing not to wrestle in tournaments?

    These things need to be planned for when that time comes so it needs to be dealt with now as well as in season due to how many kids there are for post season .
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    Parma shiloh looking for an event in December

    Parma shiloh looking for an event in december except for the weekend of the 15th. Please feel free to contact coach Furman or mr gildone athletic director at shiloh for info.
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    Any jr high scrimmages in need of 1 more team?

    Parma shiloh jr high is looking for a scrimmage to attend . If anyone is in need of another team please contact me.
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    State directory -- updating information

    On your copy for parma it should be Chris Finowski
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    Wrestling Participation, By the Numbers

    The singlet is not the problem for kids not coming out. There are a few that dont like it. The problem is that the kids these days are too soft for the work that needs to be put in to be even just decent at this awesome sport.
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    100th win

    Congratulations to gavin ziol of parma senior high for your 100th win AND setting the all time career pin record at 69 and counting!!!!!
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    Hudson tournament

    Anyone know where I can find results. Their website did not have them that I found.
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    D1 Brecksville Sectional - discussion, etc

    Any one wanna give their thoughts on Brecksville sectionals.
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    Ref re evaluations

    Do any refs have to go and get re evaluated? Just wondering cause they should be. The one we had tonight needs to be for real.