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    2020 Scores

    Im here and will try to post more often. Im most familiar with Cincinnati area and specifically the GGCL. Normal contenders are likely to be MND and Ursuline. Mount Notre Dame 5 - 0 & 10 - 0 Seton 3 - 1 & 8 - 1 Ursuline Academy 2 - 2 & 7 - 2 St. Ursula 1 -...
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    Week 4: Moeller

    Props to the sophomore safety. Kid made a lot of tackles (which isn't a great thing when safety is making tackles). Also, Willenborg stood out on defense and had a great game. Our D line had zero sacks and LB's have problems getting off of blocks. Gotta get it fixed if they want to make a...
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    Week Five vs Walnut Hills

    @MikeDyer @walnutathletics is scheduled to host @ehsports in a Week 5 football game Sept. 25.
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    Vote for Elder's Ben Hambelton now!

    It closes at 5pm and he is in a close race and needs your one vote before 5pm
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    Elder Football 2020

    Elder will NOT be playing the previously scheduled game against team from Virginia in 2020. It will be post-poned until 2021 and Elder is now looking for a replacement game this season.
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    Elder Vs La Salle

    Ha! Found a team literally on the same street as LaSalle to stop this offense!
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    Week 2: Floyd Central

    I'd guess Elder gets close to half.
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    Week 2: Floyd Central

    You are right. The OHSAA had better be careful or they may fall into the same predicament the NFL and some area colleges find themselves with half-empty stadiums because the home/bar viewing experience is more enjoyable than being in person. Yes, I am aware, there is nothing like being at The...
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    Week 1: Lasalle

    It really is perplexing and I do not want to be too critical, but Elder's defense COULD NOT STOP LaSalle. You had a chance to win the game right there. Pick up three yards. Surprised he couldn't pull the trigger.
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    Elder Vs La Salle

    Not sure what Elder's defense has to do with LaSalle allowing 52 points to Elder's offense? Elder has always been able to score. They dont make it look easy like LaSalle, but they usually find a way. LaSalle will be fine. I only chimed in when I saw the "no one in the country" comment.
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    Elder Vs La Salle

    Not only are they "not legit", they are below average.
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    Week 1: Lasalle

    Someone who has access to the film please let me know if Thomas "threw a punch" b/c it looked like off the ball hand-fighting with a WR. Elder was shocked he was tossed. They didn't even know it. Tried to put him back in the game and the ref let them know he had been ejected.
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    Elder Vs La Salle

    The LaSalle QB is very good. A better runner then passer, but still solid all-around. Payne is a special RB for sure. But to say "no one in the country is stopping this offense" is a stretch. We will see. I wasn't overly impressed with the line or other WR's. A team with a legit front 7...
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    Week 1: Lasalle

    My random Elder thoughts after arriving home... The Good: Cooper Johnson is a stud. Elder o-line gave QB time and opened holes up. Hambleton had a really nice first game. He looked a bit more athletic and elusive than I thought he would. He throws a nice ball. Elder WR's and Ramsey are big...
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    Retailers Requiring Face Coverings

    I agree with Omar. I'll wear the mask when required but do not believe it has any measurable impact on reducing the spread.