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    Potential new high school basketball league to Pay $100K Salaries

    Ding ding ding ding! If they have to capital to pull this off, then more power to them. Those shady handlers will come creeping with their hands out as soon as this gains any traction. If you can muscle them off, more power to them.
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    Tragedy at New Orleans Game

    Do life in prison... in Louisiana?? I’d rather they kill me. They do NOT play down there.
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    Dayton announced as Final 4 site

    It’s an extra 45 minute drive in a Covid year. I think they’ll be fine. If anything, be mad at Ohio State.
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    Moeller AD

    Ooh! look at you gettin all high and tight. We are on an anonymous sports board, buddy. It is not that serious, trust me.
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    Moeller AD

    Put it like this, you can get to Alter, Fenwick, and CJ in under half the time. If I were them, Id be pissed!
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    State tournament will not be at OSU

    Hamilton, Middletown, Fairmont and Vandalia all have decent venues to host the state title game. In the alternative Nationwide Arena would be a good place to host provided no conflict with CBJ.
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    2021 Centerville Elks

    A agree with you there. As long as thing stay the way they are(playcalling, scheme, ect) they will continue to underachieve. It's really frustrating because they have the horses to compete at a high level.
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    Senate/House Map 2020

    I like Amy, but she's not a politician and that is a good thing. She would make more of a impact working directly with the people instead of voting on budget measures and appropriations, ect. Lastly, I don't want to vote against her.
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    President Biden's approval rating at 61%

    I dont think Obama's was even that high at this point in his presidency. Secondly, this was obvious oversampling. Give it a few months.
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    2021 Centerville Elks

    5-5 or 6-4 at best. That offensive scheme is boring and predictable.
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    College Recruitment-Wright State

    No idea. I don’t think they could fill that arena with even all three on the roster. It’s just what it is. Now if they were terrible and willfully passed on all three, then there should be some demand for answers. Division 1 basketball at this level is always a crapshoot. You can have the best...
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    Walnut Hills 2021

    Now I see why Jake's parents thought it was best for him to be a back-up at Elder than to start at Walnut and continue with CPS's foolishness. I hope any of the star athletes they have left( looking at you Rayvon and Paul) would threaten to or transfer out completely.
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    Purcell Marian to build football stadium

    Its gonna be cramped! But its a long time coming!
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    Walnut Hills 2021

    There is a vaccine rolled out to teachers in less than two weeks, they have no excuse to be closed to the extent that they are. That said, he stuck up for the kids(as he should) and the board made an example out of him. CPS does not care about the kids. They have an interest in keeping the kids...