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    Ask the Ref?

    Thanks for the reply..... 8 feet or more at times ... sometimes complaining,,, usually berating and yelling at his own players happens quite frequently and I would think there would at least be a warning issued under these circumstances, but I think there is a bit of an intimidation factor...
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    Ask the Ref?

    Are they any rules concerning a head coach being on the court while game is in play?
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    12/13 Scores

    @mogadore 55 Garfield G-Men 53 @Rootstown 67 Valley Christian 58
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    Ask the Ref?

    Without sounding a bit strange....have noticed that whenever we travel to a certain gym the rims just seem off, super-stiff. the ball acts in some pretty strange ways when it hits. Without doing extensive research, have noticed that scores seem low there. Obviously this is not an advantage...
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    Ask the Ref?

    Excuse my ignorance on this topic, but if a defender is directly under the cylinder, can that player take a charge as normal?
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    PTC County

    To follow up on any misconceptions I may have earlier had...... Crestwood did indeed have a JV team this year, but was unable to play final two games of season against Garfield and Mogadore, they went 5-1 Cost of pay per play is same for all sports.....$300 per sport Youth Varsity and Mites...
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    PTC County

    Lunardi's son was a senior on the football team this this does not come as so much of a surprise.
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    2019 Summit County Viking Memorial Pick 'em- Playoff Edition- Championship Week

    Elder 52 and over Trotwood Clyde Ironton Springfield Marion Local Lasalle 54 pts
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    2019 Playoff Pick-Em Contest: Championship Week Pairings & Week 4 Results

    LaSalle NM Springfield Trotwood Elder Marion Local Clyde Ironton
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    Tuesday December 3rd Final Scores

    Crestwood 77 Field 60 Garrettsville Garfield 80 Brookfield 60 Chippewa 70 Rootstown 63 Waterloo 71 Windham 45
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    PTC County

    I would think it would have to be a job requirement that a superintendent live within at least a certain distance from the school!
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    Players with 25+ points in a game

    29 Adam Nowak, Lake Center Christian (vs. Tusky Valley) LCC 62-41 on 11/30
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    PTC County

    Well, they didn't have enough to field a JV team this year, that coupled with all the seniors they lose and I think next year will be a rough one for them. When you can't pass a levy and have pay-for-play (I could be wrong but I think it is around $800 for football) the numbers coming out is...
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    PTC County

    Why in the world would Garfield leave the PTC if it was going to remain a conference? I have heard so many rumors(all coming from "good" sources) about this subject since the PTC Metro announced it was ending and forming a different conference and that Crestwood was going to the Chagrin...
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    Buchtel's Chris Livingston to Western Reserve Academy?

    just to be correct, the schools in Berlin Center and Collins are not "Academies"