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    4 Division Update

    If it's a one day event, does this mean there will be no sprint prelims, but instead slow heat/fast heat? This is also a concern for the distance athletes who would be on their 4x8 relay, and run the 1600.
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    State XC Results just for fun

    I don't know you, so have no way of detecting your sarcasm. What I do know is that Minster was impressive at state. Thanks for clarifying. (y)
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    State XC Results just for fun

    Not sure how Minster's 2nd place can be considered lowly, even for Minster standards. They knocked off Liberty Center who beat them at Regionals. As far as I'm concerned Minster is still the standard-bearer for Ohio high school girls cross country.
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    State XC Results just for fun

    Wow! You’re right. Girls results are interesting.
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    We did it.

    I was told Wittenberg is a no this year.
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    Troy Regional predictions

    Runners were rerouted around the standing water under the bridge. Mulch was put down, but still sloppy. Hats off to the meet manager and staff for doing what they could in order to not make major course changes.
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    Troy Regional predictions

    Any word on a course adjustment?
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    Troy Regional predictions

    Any report on the course conditions?
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    Pole Vault Coach Needed

    West Liberty-Salem is looking for a pole vault coach this Spring. We have a strong tradition in this event, and currently have an All-Ohioan, and some other experienced vaulters on the team. Contact Ann Vogel at 937-539-1120 for more information.
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    Pole Vault and Throws Coaches needed

    West Liberty-Salem is in need of a pole vault and throws coach. Please email for more information. Thanks.
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    How much for parking?

    Yes, it was $10 per car for all in in the car. Our conference charges $7 for football, soccer, volleyball, basketball, etc., so I feel it was a fair price.
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    Open Enrollment

    The family of the 8th grader you're talking about is in the process of building house in the WLS school district. Her former school is having financial problems. Your original post said WLS has a "transfer girl" on its current varsity which is incorrect. I'm sure the WLS coach wouldn't mind...
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    Open Enrollment

    You're wrong about WLS, not a single girl on their varsity or JV team is a "transfer girl."
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    Corey Frost-West Liberty-Salem

    Our hearts are heavy in West Liberty. Big Orange alum, Corey Frost passed away early this morning. Corey was a member of the Big Orange state championship teams 1977-79. His junior and senior year, he placed second individually at the state meet. In track, he finished 5th in the 1600 at the...