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    2/12 need a third team for tri - Xenia

    If interested email 6 pm start time Friday 2/12/21
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    2021 Valley view Spartans

    What an incredible injustice that has been done here. From what I have heard is that they let go the two coaches because they had outside personal matters happen along with two many personal fouls that were happening. Skid was blindsided by the decision and went to bat for his guys. Admin said...
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    1/29 Double Dual or Tri - Anyone Interested?

    Xenia is looking to host a Tri or Double Dual on 1/29. If interested please email
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    Xenia is looking for events on 1/23 or 1/30

    Xenia is looking for events on 1/23 or 1/30. Email
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    Millersport 2021

    If it has become a rival that is very interesting. I guess they have been playing for 11 years. You mean to tell me that people could not put aside their differences and come together and work as a team. Sounds to me like you have a very different view of the world than I do because I believe...
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    Millersport 2021

    Related to small school numbers. Why don't FC and FCA combine to make one football team? I am unsure why we would want to struggle with numbers for both programs when if you combine them you might have a pretty solid football team. According to Max Prep FC FCA Year 23 26...
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    Millersport 2021

    That is good for them and for football in general. Always good to see kids getting out and playing sports, plus any increase in numbers in football is also positive.
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    2020 Playoff Pick-Em Contest: Week 7 Pairings and Week 6 Standings

    Hoban Col. DeSales Lake Catholic Kirtland Coldwater New Bremen
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    Xenia looking for Teams on 12/30 for Small dual tourney

    Xenia is looking for five teams for a small dual tourney on 12/30. Please email if you are interested. Thanks,
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    Xenia High School Looking for Tournament / Tri / Dual to fill cancelations

    Xenia is looking for events because of some cancelations on our schedule. We have 3 1/2 points left and would love to fill them is possible. Please contact coach Schooley
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    GWOC Pick'em Week 5+

    Congrats to Lell for the GWOC Pick'em Playoff Champ!!! Round 5 Results Lell - 56 sballvballcheer - 54 StateChampion2012 - 50 TroyTrojan05 - 50 BucksFan937 - 50 MSU - 48 Kyle_E_Woyote - 46 Iroquois - 44 TripJ-38 LickingCountyFan - 38 PawPaw53 - 34 Firehawk - 30 3343 - 40 a_td - 40...
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    2020 Playoff Pick-Em Contest: Week 6 Pairings and Week 5 Standings

    Division 1 Pickerington Central Division 2 Hoban LaSalle Division 3 Columbian Col. DeSales Division 4 Bloom-Carroll Wyoming Division 5 Kirtland Ironton Division 6 Fort Frye Coldwater Division 7 Newark Catholic New Bremen
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    GWOC Pick'em Week 5+

    St. X vs Springfield Mentor vs PC Bonus Games La Salle vs Winton Woods Ross vs Alter Wyoming vs Clinton Massie Roger Bacon vs Springfield Shawnee Coldwater vs Mechanicsburg New Bremen vs Marion Local