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    USA-OH State Freestyle Duals at Fitch

    How do you get on a team?
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    Podium Pictures

    Come on man.... you are killing me! You must also be the guy that thinks SPG is a Catholic school. Couldn’t have tried to be more sarcastic in my original post!
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    Podium Pictures

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    1 or 2 Divisions?

    Does that mean they probably won’t like my Organic Division idea also?
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    1 or 2 Divisions?

    I agree but also, D1 schools also may have more resources. Not every big school but especially the top end athletically focused schools. maybe the OHSAA should follow the FDA’s lead Certified Organic Division - no holdbacks, scholarships or move ins... +Vaccine records Non Organic Division-...
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    1 or 2 Divisions?

    would this theory Of man v man also play true in college? Should college get rid of the 3 Divisions? Based on your argument... enrollment, funding resources don’t really make athletes better, faster or stronger right? What is your real beef? 1. Did you wrestle? 2. Big, med or small school...
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    1 or 2 Divisions?

    “Braden Brown and Bryce Maynard and more. Both can defeat D2 and D1 State placers.” I definitely don’t understand this point. The State tournament is a completely different animal and really doesn’t even matter who you beat last week. So to say “so and so could beat so and so “ does not mean...
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    Best in Ohio (regardless of division) 2020-21

    Top 4 from each division. #1’s bye into quarters and let it rip. Do that one in a barn!
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    Podium Pictures

    Any chance you can post the link on the thread that says “Podium Pictures”? It maybe easier for others to find. Thanks 😂😂😂 i see it now!
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    Podium Pictures

    Saw some pics out there of multiple kids standing on podium...together and less than 5 feet apart. Was that really safe??? 🤔
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    Congratulations to Brecksville 2021 champs

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    Tickets for state qualifiers d3

    Guru... you are spot on with everything you said. Hammer should probably do a bit more research. Covid F’d up a lot of stuff last winter/spring/summer but many wrestling organizations figured stuff out by fall and adjusted. Many BIG tournaments went on without issue and Myrtle Beach sold a ton...
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    Division 2 Perry District

    Perry HS looking strong in the light weights.
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    Best Ohio wrestlers never to win a state title

    Dan St John.... period, at least so far.
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    Incoming Freshman

    Are you asking about “true freshman” or RS/2xRS as well. I never held back my boy and he doesn’t cut weight. FULL Disclosure: I have used a doctored skin check form.