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    President Biden's approval rating at 61%

    I know many dems who are not happy with Biden.
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    Texas opens up 100%; ends mask mandate

    FACTCHECK: Completely true We were in the hundreds of new cases and after Orwellian mandate we were in the thousands.
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    20-21 Federal League Basketball

    Nice job Hoover :cool:
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    Fox cancels Lou Dobbs.

    Fox is dying and they deserve it
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    President Biden's approval rating at 61% 49% and highest has been 52%. I know multiple people who voted Biden already regretting their vote :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: Including my dumbazz brother who is losing his 60k+ a year...
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    New tax on number of miles you drive?

    Leftists like Pete and lc5397 think we should be doubled taxed. Of course because leftists love taxes.
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    QAnon’s Favorite House Rep Is Filing Impeachment Articles on 1/21

    Leftists love to project and virtue signal. They also tend not to practice what they preach.
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    NBA mask fine $1,000,000

    Masks work? That is why we went from 500-700 cases/day to over a 1000 and then to 8000+ in Ohio after "mandate".
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    QAnon’s Favorite House Rep Is Filing Impeachment Articles on 1/21

    Good. biden is President In Name Only Leftists what are your thoughts on this White Supremacist
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    CNN wants Newsmax gone.

    CNN has been lying since its inception
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    Should the Presidential election be changed?

    Elections are meaningless if we continue down this path. I see no reason why that would change. Might as well let the MSM select who should be in positions and shape public policy and let social media govern. Welcome to the New Age America.
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    2020 Cleveland Browns

    Nothing worse than Prevent Defense. Announcers were really annoying most of the game. When Pitts scored to make it 28-7 they acted like they were winning. Great win though nonetheless.
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    Trump will remain President

    Five of the previous six were infinitely worse than Trump could ever dream to be. I get it "mean" tweets trump policy.
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    Joe Biden receives Covid Vaccine

    Keith Olbermann is that you?