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    Can Faithful Catholics Vote for Biden/Harris?

    Then a Catholic can't vote for a Republican who supports the death penalty either.
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    Can Faithful Catholics Vote for Biden/Harris?

    If evangelicals can vote for Trump, then Catholics can vote for Biden.
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    Top 5 all-time basketball programs in Ohio.

    They certainly had one of the most colorful and storied coaches in Stark County history! Coach Charles "Red" Ash led the Wildcats for just under 40 years. He retired in 1978 with a 634-200 record. Here is a great article on Red and the Canton South Wildcats. (Courtesy of the Canton...
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    Darius Bazley having a good run in the bubble

    I had noticed his name coming up on the ESPN bottom headers that give stats/accounts of the games. Good for him. Glad to see the young man starting to make a name for himself.
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    Toledo Area Basketball 20-21

    But basketball has one HUGE advantage over football when it comes to the season. That is, once the season is scheduled to start, we'll have 3 months of data about the actual effects of school being back in session. With football, everyone has been playing the "what if" guessing game. With...
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    Ohio's version of "Hoosiers"

    A worthy candidate! I've added them to the poll!
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    STVM Malaki Branham commits to Ohio State

    I certainly don't want to come off as any sort of authority on judging basketball talent. And I don't have the knowledge to look at a player as in depth as a scout could. But I have seen quite a bit of Irish basketball over the years, and IMO, other than Jayvon Graves, Malaki Branham may be the...
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    STVM Malaki Branham commits to Ohio State

    I've seen him play a number of times, and he is legit. He is typically the best player on the floor. (And that includes when he was playing with Lunden McDay!) At 6'4" he has the size to make it to the next level. He is an exceptional (and willing) passer; especially for someone who will be...
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    August is officially cancelled

    How? By pointing out that the Electoral College was predicated upon one of the most overtly hypocritical portions of the Constitution? The 3/5's Compromise? Again, though, the Debate Forum...
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    August is officially cancelled

    Don't you mean the "wants and wills of the majority"? And I see absolutely no merit in the "geographical area" argument that you are making. Still, this is a matter best left for the Debate Forum.
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    August is officially cancelled

    Still, I fail to see where there is a plan. Take Summit County for example. We were placed in Level 3 and a mask mandate went into effect. This apparently worked, because about a week ago we were dropped back down to a Level 2. Now this is may only be anecdotal evidence that wearing masks...
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    August is officially cancelled

    C'mon, now. The Electoral College was designed to insure that less populous states would have a say in national politics and in selecting our president. It is undeniably true that it was created based upon one great hypocrisy; that is, the southern states insisted that slaves be counted for...
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    A lot of black people are not useful idiots and have had it.

    Google voter suppression.
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    Buchtel Basketball Opening.

    If this is true, then Rayshon Dent just became a much better basketball coach! Glad to see them back at Buchtel!