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    Fenwick vs Blanchester

    Who will win this tough first round matchup? It will be an interesting contest.
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    Ask the Ref?

    I was at a game recently and the school had adjustable backboards to adjust the heights to use for youth leagues. For the varsity boys game one of the rims has about 3 inches below the normal height of 10 feet. The school said the adjustment mechanism wasn't working right and they couldn't get...
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    Why was Schmidt ejected from CNE game?

    saw where the leaded scorer for Clement northeastern was hit with 2 technicals and ejected from a game where cne lead by 40. What happened? Anyone have video of the incident?
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    Week 11 Clinton Massie VS Valley View

    last year Big Dan was on medical leave and couldn't coach the team even though he was there. That void made a huge difference. When the initial game plan wasn't working , no one made the adjustments needed.
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    OHSAA Playoff ticket change.

    What’s up with the service fee per ticket ? Who gets that money? That seems like a underhanded way to increase the price to loyal fans. I think that is wrong.
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    D4 Region 16. Teams on the bubble

    What year did the running clock come into play for blowout games?
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    OHSAA playoff system thoughts

    move the finals to Columbus so people don't have to drive 4 hours for the state title games
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    Week 3 Bishop Fenwick (1-1) @ Clinton Massie (1-1)

    and fenwick gets to recruit its student athletes from the greater Butler, Warren, Montgomery, Hamilton county areas like all the other catholic schools do to create their all star lineups. This has been going on for years. The OHSAA finally tried to address this by using the competitive...
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    Moeller gives players $2000 tuition credit to work summer camp

    The uncle of the student athlete who was given the $2000 tuition credit is the source of this information. I believe the uncle.
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    Best All-time Cincinnati Area Running Backs

    Baylee Wolf from Clinton Massie was the best running back in the history of that school. Help lead the team to back to back state titles.
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    Moeller gives players $2000 tuition credit to work summer camp

    Can every student who isn't an athlete get $2000 tuition credit for working a camp or is this just reserved for certain athletes ?
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    Moeller gives players $2000 tuition credit to work summer camp

    I heard of a moeller basketball player being given a $2000 tuition credit for each week he worked at the moeller summer basketball camp. If this is true, is this legal? Seems like a pretty high reimbursement to me.
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    transfering students from one school to another

    What are the rules for kids transferring between schools for different sports? Had a kid locally who went to school A in 2017-18, transferred to school b for the fall sports season of 2018-19 and played football and then transferred back to school A after football season was over to play...