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    Fort Frye Open Dates

    What is the current schedule for next year? So far I have found... FORT FRYE 1 2 3 - Waterford 4 5 6 - Glouster-Trimble 7 8 9 10 I think Week 5 might be Williamstown (WV), but no one has updated Arbiter since OHSAA has moved Week 1 to starting a week earlier.
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    Green Bulldogs Football 2020

    A few updates above. This is from BigTeams, which looks like someone updated after the announcement of the season starting a Week earlier.
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    D5 State Semi-Final Roger Bacon vs. Ironton

    Game will be at London.
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    D5 State Semifinals

    Confirmed from OHSAA.
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    Who's looking for a Week 11 game?

    Last I saw, Indian Valley still was.
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    Which teams need a game this week?

    I had atleast 40 coaches and AD's email me, thanking and letting me know they found games from the open dates thread this year.
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    2020 Open Dates

    Just posted on Sycamore's Twiiter.
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    2020 Open Dates

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    2020 Open Dates

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    2020 Open Dates

    Week 6 cancellations starting already.
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    2020 Open Dates

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    2020 Open Dates

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    2020 Open Dates

    Updated Thursday afternoon, from Joe Eitel's tweet.
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    2020 Open Dates

    Lakota West-Oak Hills cancelled. Lakota West looking for a game.