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    First Set of Rankings for the 2020-21 Season (July 22)

    I don’t see the Niffennegar kid in there from Lasalle ??? He has to be one of the top in the state.
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    La Salle HC Job Open

    Rico Hill is the new coach, at least that’s the word up on the lake
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    Top Ohio 8th graders and high schools

    Basketball and football cover cost and make money. Not at all schools but at the majority. No other sport comes close to breaking even.
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    UPDATED - Possible High Schools for Top 8th Graders

    Next year will not be cancelled. If the country is still in trouble then you won’t have to worry about sports because our economy will be so bad u won’t be able to afford a pack of gum. Next year will be fine.
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    Oac Jr high state Predictions or rankings

    Shulaw and the other is simple Neeves
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    Wrestling documentaries

    Th That is above mentioned PINNED , and the guy never paid the Palmers the money due to them from sales.
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    Winter and Spring Sports Update (Jerry Snodgrass, OHSAA Executive Director)

    Word on the street up here from a very reliable source, don’t expect your kids back in school this year, now they are trying to figure out the hard part, what grade are these kids in next year? NCAA is easy so don’t try and compare, they just grant another year of eligibility, you can’t do that...
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    NCAA Tickets Row 1 and 2

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    St. Edward Hockey 2019-2020

    Great teams up north
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    DI SW District @ Kettering Fairmont Brackets

    Are either of these two at Kettering D1??
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    District Tournament; Alternate Hopefuls

    If you can’t be the top 4 at a sectional you aren’t making it to state anyway. There are plenty of sectionals the talent is watered down. Been like that for years. Also they don’t seed the districts so the draws are not perfect. Bottoms line don’t make excuses for kids, handle business and you...
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    District Tournament; Alternate Hopefuls

    Well you have to also look at who they wrestled. Many of the top guys don’t wrestle every event only the big ones. Or they may have had an injury. If your are a good wrestler you should be able to make it out of a sectional, if not well that’s probably on the wrestler.
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    2019-20 Mr Basketball Candidates

    Who is the top talent in the Cleveland area this year? The kid from Ed’s the best?
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    Worthington Wood Bat Tournament

    This should be a real good tourney, should be some top talent here.
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    Ohio National Team Director Charged with Child Enticement

    One issue I have heard from a detective with the county that should raise a flag is this, Montoya didn’t have the same car he has now back in 2016. So that would be a problem, also now the girl is saying he was masterbating, there is no 5 yr old that says that word and if she did she comes from...