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    Central Ohio XC Courses - Lancaster

    First cut complete on the course... looking forward to hosting and competing on September 21.
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    Central Ohio XC Courses - Lancaster

    My best estimate is that construction on the new LHS will begin in the summer/fall of 2022. The new school is expected to sit on the current soccer/field hockey fields. This means the current start/finish area will likely need to be relocated for the 2022 Bob Reall Invitational and beyond. On...
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    Central Ohio XC Courses - Lancaster

    The 2019 schedule groups the smaller school races together, in the middle of the day, under the assumption the smaller schools are more likely to have shared coaches for the HS and JH teams.
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    Central District Open

    Teays Valley did a nice job hosting last year... is anyone planning to hold this event this year? ... Teays Valley or other...?
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    Lancaster Bob Reall Invitational - Youth & alumni Races

    Begining this year, the Lancaster - Bob Reall Invitational will include 1 mile youth races for grade 5-6 boys and girls. The youth boys race will start at 9:00AM, followed by the youth girls at 9:30AM. The entry fee for the youth races is $5 per participant. The 2013 edition is the 50th for...