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    Friday Final Scores - 10/16

    any reportn barberton
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    Friday Updates - 10/16

    kick off at toledo....
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    Massillon FOOTBALL 2020

    Massillon talent wins all again?
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    Summit All Star game

    Comments on the game at CVCA this morning Thanksgiving day.
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    Week 6 Barberton at Aurora...

    Big Game. I've been told that Aurora has never lost a league game at home??? there's always a first time: Go Magics :thumb: THOUGHTS????
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    Magics vs Copley at Barberton!!

    weak schedule is paying off.... Magics will beat Indians!!
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    Barberton 3-0 at Revere 3-0 week 4

    Your thoughts/ Who wins?? Magics have beaten Norton 21-20, Kenmore-Gsrfield 50-8 and C. Falls 55-6.......(126-32) .......................................Revere has beaten Firestone 51- 12, Eastlake North 46-0 and Buckeye 43-6 .....(140-18)
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    State Semi Final picks....

    2017 OHSAA Football Playoffs – State Semifinal Pairings 2017 OHSAA Football Playoffs – State Semifinal Pairings Brackets below.... next... Pairings are shown with final AP state rank and current records. Home team listed first. All games played on Friday, Nov. 24, 2017, at 7:30 p.m...
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    Division 2 is loaded!!!

    Division 2 is loaded this year.. In addition to our 11-0 Magics are: Avon 11-0, Wadsworth 11-0, Hoban 10-1, Winton Woods 10-1, Anderson 10-1, Sidney 10-1, Bedford 10-1, Walnut Ridge 10-1,Olmsted Falls 10-1, LaSalle 9-2, Brush 9-2, Ashland 9-2, Highland 9-2, Massillon 8-3, New Albany 7-4.. Hoban...
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    A SAD state of affairs...

    I attended the Barberton vs Kenmore-Garfield game Friday night. The Magics looked talented, well coached, eager, and certainly ready to play!! Could not help to regret what has happened to two formerly and great opponents of the past.. The Magics had a solid history with each of these fine...
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    Magics vs Indians... Copley @ Barberton!!

    Barberton game controversy: The Copley punter fell to his knees in his own end zone, got up and punted the ball away... he was on his knee... How is that play NOT a safety??? 2 points would have changed the outcome... Edit/Delete Message
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    Magics vs Indians... Copley @ Barberton!!

    The Magics are 3-0 with wins over Norton, Coventry & C. Falls and have shown great improvement... Indians are 2-1 with a tough loss last week.. Copley beat Twinsburg 35-28 and Firestone 51 - 0 for the 2 wins!! What are your thoughts...
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    Ellet Scrimmage...

    Good showing for the Magics... Ellet should be a quality test. improvement very evident.. signs of a good run game.... passing & receiving excellent.... Punt return hurt but will be fixed,,, overall good defense & much hustle all over the field... Pass D still needs work but was...