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    Trump's COVID 19 Failure Smart kid!!
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    Ohio Unemployment Question

    Friend of mine still having problems getting on the website.
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    April 12th

    Well, since Amy Acton said we are looking at a surge of 6,000 to 8,000 cases around the first of May, I don't see that happening. Now - I am not a doctor or statistician, or stayed at a Holiday Inn Express lately......but I have a hard time believing those numbers.
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    Guess she was out of jelly donuts

    I thought of that possibility also. So I looked up "Jelly donut" on Urban Dictionary. Oh. My Goodness.
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    Ohio Unemployment Question

    What if you don't have a drivers license?
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    Who is now out of a job because DeWine over reacts and closes bars and restaurants?

    I get to go to work. We have contracts with the military that are time sensitive. I really don't see any factories that have closed. I stopped at Casey's this morning for a soft drink and donut and the place was as packed as it had been before all this. Kind of funny that we work because of our...
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    Trump Shrugged Off Repeated Intelligence Warnings About Coronavirus Pandemic: Report

    Who are the experts/doctors/scientists listening to?
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    Joe Biden is missing

    Set him up an Oval Office replica in a nursing home and tell him he won. He'll be fine.
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    One Year of Music?

    1972 would be a good one.
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    We have not had a pitcher really even get close to the pitch rule max. I heard that there was a team in Indiana that had one stud pitcher and tried to use him against an Ohio team without the proper resting time, but as far as I know that was just a rumor.
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    With Schools Canceling Spring Sports Will Club Sports Become more Active?

    As far as I know-spring sports aren't cancelled yet?????
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    Midwest Athletic Conference 2020

    Because he doesn't run fast? In addition to QB- he also was 1st team All MAC in basketball. He also plays baseball and surprises us all the time with his athleticism.
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    Famous People Who Have Tested Positive for Coronavirus

    Why are these famous people getting tested when there aren't tests available to normal folks?
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    Gas prices

    Casey's has their own gas and trucks. So the truck that deliver's the $1.58 a gallon gas in Union City, delivers the $2.05 gas in Fort Recovery. The other 2 stations are Ottawa Oil.
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    Midwest Athletic Conference 2020

    They used to even play baseball on it.