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    Ohio High School Season 2020

    Walnut has a 6’9 kid playing on Attack’s 17-1s in addition to the known players in Hagerty and Vogelpohl. Walnut also has two kids on Attack’s 17-2s- Britt and Smith-Trondle. They had a pretty decent year last year and some of those pieces are returning like a middle, Sr Tre Harris who was...
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    Cincinnati club teams

    A couple of things: 1- OP beat attack on day one, and barely lost day 2 without Hagerty who got hurt. Add Hagerty back in and I think OP pulls ahead. 2- Attack 15s has some future potential, but definitely a work in progress. 3- What award did Anitra get?
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    Cincinnati club teams

    At 18s, OP has a broader range of talent from top to bottom on their top team compared to Attack. I think you're right, that they'll be better, but I think Attack will give them a good fight. OP's top end guys (Hagerty, Haas) will help pull them ahead. Some of the new names on Attack's 18s are...
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    Cincinnati club teams

    I think OP is going to hit CVA hard, especially since the former director and a group of the former CVA coaches have gone to OP. I think Attack will take a smaller hit, but should be shaken up a bit - will be interesting to see the level of the teams.
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    McLaughlin taking over at LaSalle

    Opinion: I feel like she accomplished what would be expected of LaSalle the past 2 years. They should be in the mix for the South region rep in D2 most years because of the advantage of having a decent number of kids coming in who have played for several years in the BWAC. Did she do more with...
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    McLaughlin taking over at LaSalle

    LaSalle announced the new hire today on their website and twitter. He replaces Kelly Schumacher who had been there for a two seasons. He is also teaching at LaSalle, and his brother is the football coach there as well. Will be interesting to see if he can make LaSalle competitive with the rest...
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    State Rankings

    With tryouts being next week, does anyone have a top 10 prediction? We've seen Cincinnati area and Columbus are threads, but nothing to cover the whole state. Could also give predictions on the 8 teams in D1 that will make state and the 4 in D2!
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    Junior Beach Tour - National Champs

    Congrats to Ethan Hubbard (Lakota East) and Dominic Hagerty (Walnut Hills) for winning the 16U division at the JBT National Championships! Way to rep Ohio!
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    OHSAA Sanctioning of Boy's Volleyball

    Anybody heard anything on this front?
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    Vanguard vs. Attack

    Admittedly, I have been a little out of the loop of the club scene for a little while, but it seems like Vanguard has had a lot more college recruits over the past several seasons compared to Attack. However, it is interesting to me because it seems that when Attack and Vanguard's top teams...
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    2012/13 Club Offers - Cincinnati

    If you're not happy with the offer you received for the upcoming club season, check out Cincinnati Thunder Volleyball Club. Thunder has a few positions available for the 18s team as well as a few for the 17s team. Please e-mail if you're interested in one...