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    Southwestern Buckeye League 2019 season thread

    I think Franklin has a tough game against St Mary's. I know St Mary's isnt on the same level they were on in 2016, but I remember Franklin only forced 1 3rd down that entire game. Franklin will have to buckle their chinstraps for sure.
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    Southwestern Buckeye League 2019 season thread

    Even when Monroe was on there run 2006-2009 (not counting 2005 because they were in the MML), they were 4-4. They played Valley View and Bellbrook in those years. This also included a thrashing that VV put on Monroe at Barker in 2006.
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    Southwestern Buckeye League 2019 season thread

    If they can play good defense, they may be able to stay in more games due to a more ball control offense. Hard to judge a first year head coach over how a youth camp was run, if this was a veteran coach I would have more reason to be worried. I have a good feeling about Mullins, seems to have...
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    Southwestern Buckeye League 2019 season thread

    Not sure what Monroe has returning from last year, but the new coach has the kids working really hard in the weight room. I believe the plan is to run the triple option and 50 defense. Coach actually has a job within the school which should help. I think there is finally some pride being put...
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    Did Hoser Die?

    Miss see that clown post, Did he finally get the Axe on here?
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    What happens with the SWOC?

    Not sure if there is a thread on this subject yet. With Little Miami out what is the plan with the SWOC for 2020 and beyond. Will the league fold? or will they extend invitations to a schools like Monroe & Franklin? I wouldn't mind that scenario to be honest as I would like Monroe in the same...
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    Monroe Hornets Opening Again..

    Just saw that Murphy is out at Hamilton. I think he is still a good coach. Would like to see him at Monroe. From what I remember he's close to Faulk which could deter him from this job. Any other names?
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    Monroe Hornets Opening

    On Friday Bill Leach stepped down as Monroe coach. He was 18-33 with one playoff appearance in 5 years. Leach failed to build upon 2 solid seasons in 2014 & 2015 and Monroe went 3-7 and 1-9 in his final 2 seasons. Where does Monroe go from here? This position should get some interest, good...
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    Monroe at Madison

    Madison beat a very bad Talawanda team. Monroe played very well for 3 quarters with a very good Edgewood team. Monroe won 34-0 last season and looked lightyears faster than Madison. I don't think this game is 34-0 at half but I still think Monroe rolls this one. 35-14, Check that 38-17...
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    Monroe vs. Edgewood

    Thoughts? I'm picking my Hornets. It will need to be a solid effort. Edgewood is really good. I say Monroe forces 3 turnovers, gets a return touchdown, and Cedric runs for 150. Man I hope I am right. It's football season!!!
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    OHSAA Neutral Sites

    What is the process involved? Do the coaches have any input? I see a lot of disgruntled people on here, including me and my team isn't playing!
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    Swbl 2016

    Thoughts on each team next season appreciated! I look for Monroe, Franklin, Valley View, Brookville, and Bellbrook to fight for the Southwestern side and Carlisle, Madison, Milton Union, and Waynesville to fight for the Buckeye side with Northridge as a sneaky dark horse!
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    Monroe Hornets: 2016 and beyond

    Tough loss Friday to end the hornets playoff hopes! Losing 6 very good players but returning lots of young players! Thoughts on what we will see from the hornets next year and afterwards?
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    Booster Bowl: Franklin (5-2) Vs. Monroe (4-3)

    Franklin is 8th in R10, and Monroe is 9th in R14! It's safe to say that this a huge game for both teams playoff hopes! Both teams got off to shaky starts but have rebounded to get themselves in playoff contention! Last year Monroe gave one away in a heartbreaker, and Franklin has won the last...
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    Monroe Vs Valley View

    This is a do or die game for both teams playoff hopes! Valley View comes in off two straight losses, Bellbrook loss I can't really figure out! Monroe comes in off a sloppy victory against Eaton! Last year the hornets won 30-0, I expect a much closer game this year! Monroe 21 Valley View 14