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    Lakota East, Lebanon, and Oak Hills girls in 3-way tie at Lebanon Invitational

    Legally you are still not interpreting the wording correctly. I will say it again, there is no official tie-breaker for cross country. Officially the teams are deemed tied. Please educate yourselves. First, let's look at the NCAA tie-breaker wording first: "Breaking Ties Team ties in...
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    Lakota East, Lebanon, and Oak Hills girls in 3-way tie at Lebanon Invitational your rule book again. Again, officially there is no tiebreaker in xc. If two teams tie...they tie. The exact same rule applies to soccer. Just because a team wins on penalty kicks officially in soccer it goes down as a tie. They only use penalty kicks to determine who moves on or...
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    Preseason Polls

    Correct, I believe they are #4 and Beavercreek #7
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    Lakota East, Lebanon, and Oak Hills girls in 3-way tie at Lebanon Invitational

    Correct me if I am wrong. Officially there is no tiebreaker for XC. Let socialism rule. Again, I have never seen a 3-way tie ever for 1st place in XC.
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    Preseason Polls

    Still very early. St. X usually looks beatable for the first 3 weeks of the season and then.... they go off and everyone drops 45 seconds. And you look around "how did they do that?"
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    Preseason Polls

    Centerville did not make it to state last year. I could justify the thought process... What would change your mind? 2019- Coach does not enter them at the district meet.. 2018 runner up 2017 state champs 2016 state champs 2015 state champs 2014 state champs 2013 runner up I believe you are...
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    Coaches: Are you still getting paid for the spring track season?

    100% I know a couple of other area schools also getting 100% pay. I also know of at least one school with 50% pay.
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    I find it increasingly difficult to believe there will be a spring sports season AT ALL this year.

    1--Caleb Brown- 100% agree. I wanted to watch him burn up the track this spring. 8:40's and 4:07 were both within reach. 2--Centerville girls- I heard the track coach is different than the XC coach. Hopefully, she entered the varsity girls in the district meet. Imagine those girls right...
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    District Results-Centerville girls

    Do you really want to let possible abuse by a coach go? Let bygones be bygones- if emotional abuse is happening? Is this another Penn State with Paterno? Is this another MSU with Larry Nassar? Is this another Ohio State with Richard Strauss? Is this emotional abuse similar to the dethroned...
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    District Results-Centerville girls

    I will not comment on any of the girls' posts. They deserve to have their voices and perspective. I come back to this quote many times in my life... Hemmingway said, "Never write about a place until you're away from it because that gives you perspective." Basically, what I am trying to say...
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    District Results-Centerville girls

    At the state meet, this is all I heard. People cracking jocks and taking jabs. Although very unprofessional. Not many people held back. Many coaches citing instances of this coach and bad instances in the past. Unprofessional acts at a cross country meet. The can of worms was opening. I...
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    NXR Ohio Teams

    Many teams from southwest and central Ohio attend this meet. I believe these teams have all attended the last 4-5 years on a regular basis. The drive is not bad for these teams at all- 3 hour range. Olentangy Liberty Olentangy Orange Hilliard Davidson- the girls even went last year the day...
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    Collinwood Closing

    Sad to see. They had a dominant run for many years. Especially for their girl's program.
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    District Results-Centerville girls

    The absolute worst part of this entire situation is the kids... I remember distinctly every single state xc meet. I remember every single state track meet I participated in as an athlete. I remember my last basketball game walking off the court. Football players, tonight, will remember walking...
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    Taylor Ewert - Going to Arkansas

    Is this the greatest girls' team in the history of Ohio? Better than Mags was in their hay day? Better than Colerain was?