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    Congratulations State Champions!

    Just like Massilon
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    2019 OHSAA State Championship Games Attendance Down Again In 2019

    The phiscal health needs to be well, not like the mental health of the OHSAA which has been in very bad shape for a long long time.
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    This aint happening. After the way he was treated no way no how.
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    This blows!

    This thread is disgusting.
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    Springfield holds on to to defeat Centerville 41-28

    Moe needs to tell his DB's to look for the ball not to just run with the receivers.
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    Going to the Venue to see RUSH Tribute Project Band Nov. 9th.

    Don't do cover bands but I did see Rush 21 times.
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    2020 Rock and Roll HOF Nominees

    MC5 music to riot by
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    Perry's Matt Campbell on multi-sport high school athletes.

    Labron James. Nuff said
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    Late game substitutions.

    This is my take on this. In the early days of the now defunct days of the FAVC Scarlet(also in the middle of Edgewood's best teams) there were many bad blow outs. The czar always subed alot but never made mass subs until after the first series of the 3rd quarter. The opponents who didn't sub...
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    Week 7 Winton Woods ( 4 - 2) vs. Edgewood 2 - 4)

    I will leave commenting on the team to others since I'm not as close to the program As I once was. I would like to address the idiots on here that want to talk about some place they've obviously never been. They also tend to nothing about the history of said program. I also want to say that...
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    I'm shocked. Condolences to his family. I remember when he first came to yappi. We had many a discussion. He was a very passionate WW fan. He was also a realist who backed his team with reality and didn't say they would do things juat because who they were. He was one of the reasons I started...
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    Division II Football Poll - Week 6 (10/07/19)

    Remember this is not a scientific poll. Nothing more than a popularity contest.
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    Friday Updates (Week 5)

    Madison 21 Milton Union 30
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    Friday Updates (Week 5)

    Madison 21 Milton Union 23
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    Friday Updates (Week 5)

    Madison 21 Milton Union 15