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    IUDOGS: 2022 Division II Top Twenty Five

    WW, LaSalle & Hoban. My top 3.
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    Region 4

    Yup, you listed the R4 champ on top 5. Which one, I have no idea.
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    GWOC Pick'em Week 2 Playoff Games

    Springfield Centerville Findlay Marysville Piqua Edgewood Alter Eaton
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    GWOC Pick'em Playoffs

    PLAYOFF GAMES Springfield Huber Heights Wayne Centerville Miamisburg Kettering Fairmont - SWING GAME WORTH 4 POINTS BONUS GAME - 2 points Brunswick
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    GWOC Pick'em Week 10

    Week 10 Games Fairmont at Beavercreek Miamisburg at Springboro Northmont at Springfield Centerville at Wayne Bonus Game Lakota West vs Lakota East
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    GWOC Pick’em Week 9

    Week 9 Fairmont at Centerville Springfield at Miamisburg Beavercreek at Northmont Springboro at Wayne Bonus Game BellBrook (6-2) (DIII R12) at Monroe 7-1 (DIII R12)
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    Week 8 Games Miamisburg at Beavercreek Wayne at Fairmont Springboro at Northmont Centerville at Springfield Bonus Game - 2 Points Tipp (Region 12 # 3) vs Piqua ( Region 8 # 2)
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    Week 6 Games - 1 point per game - all games correct equals bonus points Beavercreek at Centerville Fairmont at Miamisburg Springfield at Springboro Northmont at Wayne BONUS GAME - 2 points Maysville ( Region 2 # 1) vs Dublin Jerome ( Region 2 # 4)
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    GWOC Pick'em Week 6

    Wayne at Beavercreek Springboro at Centerville Springfield at Fairmont Miamisburg at Northmont
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    GWOC Pick'em Week 5

    Wayne at Miamisburg Centerville at Northmont Fairmont at Springboro Beavercreek at Springfield
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    GWOC Pick'em Week 4

    Springboro at Beavercreek Miamisburg at Centerville Northmont at Fairmont Springfield at Wayne
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    GWOC Pick'em week 3

    Did Springfield find a game?
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    GWOC Pick'em week 3

    Northmont at Dublin Coffman Beavercreek at Dunbar Chaminade Julienne at Fairmont Centerville at Gahanna Lincoln Alter at Miamisburg Upper Arlington at Springboro Springfield at Lima Canton McKinley at Wayne
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    GWOC Pick'em Week 2

    Franklin at Beavercreek Springfield at Fairfield Trotwood Madison at Fairmont Miamisburg at Lebanon Centerville at Mason Springboro at Middletown Dunbar at Northmont Wayne at Reynoldsburg
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    GWOC Pick'em Week 1

    Alter at Fairmont Northmont at Butler Fairfield at Centerville Wayne at Dunbar West Carrollton at Miamisburg St. Ignatius at Springfield Beavercreek at Xenia Lebanon at Springboro