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    Your Favorite Halloween Treat?

    Some don't like it. What's not to like about a sugar treat you can eat one section at a time?
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    Hurricane Ian

    I've been going over this in my head every time I hear or see "Ian". Please make it stop! lol
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    Pitch Clock

    Exactly what I was thinking. Maybe, Karinchak will do away with the ball toss thing.
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    Pitch Clock

    Brings to mind Mark "The Bird" Fidrych. Enough with the antics. C'mon clock!
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    Phrases you detest?

    Make that 25 moon-years. (Can't get away with anything). :cry:
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    Phrases you detest?

    From a technical report writing class I took twenty-five moons ago: "exact same" was noted as an unnecessary redundancy. ;) I understand the intent but, something can be exact or it can be the same. Or, it can be nearly exact or nearly the same. Simply "exact" or "same" suffices. Stop it...
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    What Movies Did You Watch in September 2022?

    Whistling in the Dark (1941) - I must have missed the whistling. Red Skelton. Slapstick. Imagine that. I fondly remember Red's nearly twenty year long run on tv, but did not know he started in radio (ten years) and movies (30). Shouldn't have been a suprise, I guess. Also, a painter, iirc...
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    Top Ten TV Shows

    The Jerry Springer Show Hogan's Heroes Hee Haw Honeys The PTL Club Babewatch Howard Stern Homeboys in Outer Space The Flying Nun The Ropers Barney & Friends No honorable mentions.
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    Memes, funny picture thread

    True dat. The last day of Summer it was 90 here in the Old North State. The next day the high was 70. Low at or below 55.
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    Hurricane Ian

    As they are saying, this appears to be the real deal. I understand the brunt of the storm spared Tampa, hitting the area to the south of it. A brother lives in Ocala (Orlando area) so he will probably get some heavy wind and rain. Ian will come our way Friday; football games moved up one day.
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    Youngstown area pick ‘em week 7

    Fitch Beaver Local Harding Mooney Champion Chaney Howland Girard Hubbard Mineral Ridge Jefferson Lisbon McDonald South Range Salem Springfield Ursuline JFK West branch Pymatuning Valley Alliance
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    I believe you missed picking the Harding game. Cheers!

    I believe you missed picking the Harding game. Cheers!
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    Hubbard at Jefferson week 6

    I believe two or three of Jefferson's penalties came later in the game. Maybe, Hubbard's just seemed like more because they hurt more. Much more. I dunno.
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    Money Saving Tips

    Dave Ramsey tip: dry off your razor after use with a blow dryer, then stand it up. I (carefully) use tissue and stand it up for a day or so. The water/moisture is what dulls the blades. I can use the same five-blade for six months or more with good results.
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    2022 Cleveland Browns Thread

    Denzel Ward!!! 🤪