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    Massillon vs Fitch...ok with you if we play them? Who wins?

    Falguin, thank you very much for your thoughts on Massillon. Fitch has always been a tough opponent and I don’t expect it to be any different this week.
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    Stark County Football Week 4

    Aww everybody picks on poor Mackinbummer.
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    Perry vs. Jackson Series

    Oh the bears are good this year Mackinbummer. Congratulations!!
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    Stark County Banter 2019 (2)

    Hey Mackinbummer. It looks like your polar bears bowed their backs tonight and got a win. Congratulations!!
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    St Ignatus vs Hoban.

    I’m thinking Hoban might win this one with the overall talent a little better than Iggy. If Iggy can keep it close they might have a chance at the end with better depth. Should be interesting.
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    Massillon 2019

    I always look forward to your posts OCK. You’ve been with us through thick and thin.
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    Warren G Harding at Canton McKinley Senior: Who's going to win this one

    Very interesting match up of 2 traditional power houses. I’m hoping McKinley wins this one and goes Undefeated until they meet the good guys in week 10 and the pups get their soul crushed again. Good luck pups!!
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    Massillon 2019

    Aidan is a good kid and I’m grateful he is playing for the good guys. I hope he has a great season.
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    Massillon 2019

    Any report on the Massillon kid that got hurt at the end of the scrimmage? If it is no no to say publicly then if some one in the know could pm me it would be appreciated.
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    Massillon 2019

    Chronicling the failures is one thing but to obsess over them in post after post like you do is very different. There have been many more successes of late than there have been any set backs. I hope Nate Moore stays a long time.
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    Massillon 2019

    They are hiding for now Johnny Lee. Not to worry though, they will expose their illness once again very soon. You can count on it like you can count on the sun coming up.
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    Massillon 2019

    Ahh. I see the Yappimanati takes care of their own even if they are maniacally obsessed.